søndag 3. mai 2020

Summing up the two first months of spring, March & April.

Still March, first ride & plenty of snow along the roads even in the low land. As sand is used on the roads when there is ice & snow it takes weeks for the roads to be clean. Feel safe with the hack then.

1st of April, Bessie is soon completed and WL just started on, no it is NOT a lie!

Bessie done, ready for some road action. A lot of necessary  maintenance is done during winter hibernation. Still below zero temps outside.

Going along the old highway by the coast, Bessie, Scarver & Øyunn.

Returning home from the coast by small roads, they give great experiences - always!

Norwegian springtime, this is you are allowed to make a camp fire wherever this is appropriate. What is then better than making your own waffles?

New day, new trip. This one towards west across the valleys towards Mandal. Sun, crisp blue skies, but cold as "#¤!

Bessie posing.


Gravelroads, nothing like three wheels on those. This is actually the old railway track from when Setesdal was connected to the coast by steam train.

Øyunn & Scarver, comfortably doing more gravel roads.


Brother WL is done, finally!


7,5 hours spent away in the saddle today. Going east inland, and by the coast back west.

Went by Svein to check out his 28 JD (not the first time), original with roadster bars. Owned by Svein since 1971 and on the road since 74.

tirsdag 18. februar 2020

Pics from yesterdaze!

Will never stop being intrigued by those old photos from times since long gone by. A mighty RS, an Indian PP or a HD, imagine the difference from what was offered just a decade earlier, your legs, a horse or a bicycle.

lørdag 28. desember 2019

"Norwegian Gold"

From down under Australia, Heavy Duty Magazine issue 167, get your back issue here; 

1925 FH two-cam indirect action, former Bjarne Wist.

Original race photos in B&W from the race track in Trondheim year 1928.


onsdag 9. oktober 2019

Bånn Gass (full throtle) 2019

Some weekends one look more forward to than others.

Bånn Gass 2019 held 14/15 Sept. at the local Speedway track is one of those one surely look forward to.
And  the expectations got honored, to the full and more.

What a Saturday, and Sunday, all those great bikes, pleased spectators, and an overall positive spirit trough out the entire arrangement.

Enjoy a small collection of captures, oh and not to forget, 15 of the 43 bikes entering the race was HD`s, how cool isn`t that?

Photos below are gently stolen from Facebook, captured by Nicki Twang, Lars Tore Tangerud and Per Sønderby Pouls.

mandag 23. september 2019


Got those cool photos from my friend #NormMcLean (check out this hash tag on Insta for cool Knuckle photos, Norm is a true Knucklehead), he sure found a thrilling location for the AMcN sticker`s.

Thanks Norm !