søndag 19. oktober 2014

More Cutdown progress

Have spent another bunch of hours in the workshop playing with the cutdown project.

Spent many hours in modifying the original seat T bar and making a front fastener for the Racing seat to fit the T.
Wanted the seat position slightly forward compared to the original bucket seat. Another issue is to get the seat lower than original to get center of gravity lowered.
Still get some rear fasteners for the seat as paper models only, will have to transform them to metal tomorrow.

Due to the modifications to the rear frame the mudguard need to be modified too, to get a correct radius towards the wheel. Another couple of hours scratching my head, think I have solved the problem. Still need to decide what length the rear mudguard will get.
I`m using the early style fenders as they add to the slim fit along with the narrow peashooter fuel tank, will have to decide if there is going to be a front mudguard too.

lørdag 18. oktober 2014

What's up here!

When I look out the window I can tell for sure the riding season have come to an end, for now. Its raining as if there was no end to it, and yesterday we had some of  that white stuff coming too.

What is good though with this crappy weather, time is there for hibernation which in practice means get some work done in the man cave. There are plenty of projects in need of attention.

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to get to buy another motorbike, as if I ever needed one more, some would have said!
Well I had to have this last one. The odds to get get an original paint 39 Knuckle with two previous owners and 100% documented history and sold new in Oslo, nope I reckon this chance only happens once in a life, and this was now.

I will get back to this later, for now I quote the Enthusiast Sept. 1938 issue proudly presenting the 1939 models;

"SAY, these 1939 Harley-Davidsons are beauties! The best ever!"


Cutdown project again gets attention, got the final weld done to the frame, have been working on shorting the fork and getting the fork rockers done.
99% of old "halvtopper" fork rockers found have been used with no grease in the bushings, hence they have been so loose in their fit they have ruined the the rocker plate where it is to move towards the rocker stud.
Made a jig where the fork rocker aligns on two studs, one a press fit, the other loose. This make the finished milled surface 90 degree aligned to the bushing hole and allows for a 0,1mm fit (in and out). Makes the fork feel tight which improve the entire bike when ridden.

søndag 21. september 2014

You know you are in trouble when;

Picture gently stolen elsewhere, show one fatal engine failure that happened in the ongoing US cannonball race.

Pics from yesterdaze

Swedish Excelsior, same bike with and without a sidecar.

onsdag 17. september 2014

American Motorcycles Norway

This is a 1929 Harley from up north in Norway, hence the letter W in the registration number.
This bike seems to be more for Oluf, the owner, than just a tool for commuting to work or anything like.
Why do I guess this?
As this bike have got the exhaust,the primary cover and dash board cover chrome plated, a rather expensive modification even back in the days, I am quite sure its owner use this bike for sports only. Sports such as to tempt the local girls to ask for a ride, like Lilly on the pillow right now in this photo capture.

Why the headlamp is removed? We will never get to know.

American Motorcycles Norway

Another early twenties Harley from Akershus, hence the letter C on the registration plate.
Even if this bike is an electrically equipped model, the owner have a ball horn mounted on his handlebars, they will always work, the Klaxon, ehhm, well that is not so sure.
This rider is a gentleman, wearing suit and tie as well as summer riding gloves and a motoring hat with a hard to recognize label in front. My guess is the label is either NMK or KNA.

onsdag 10. september 2014

Roadtrip w. Bessie

Finally weather shows its bright side, and now when I have to leave for work.

Got Bessie out of the workshop, off course she was ready at short notice.
Had a nice trip, sharp air, but still hot in the sun.

Met two girls along the road whom I am quite sure will end up as bikers. One girl pulled the other on a wood horse on wheels, I could not resist asking for a picture.

Back home again this evening, I by coincidence looked at my rear tire. Holy crap!
Last time I checked there was still plenty of pattern, now it was slick tire, the final part must have left in a hurry.