fredag 11. mars 2022

Pictures from Yesterdaze!

Came across those four wonderfully detailed photos from a Norwegian town named Notodden in Telemark county. The riders represent NMK (Norsk Motorcykel klubb) Notodden, a branch of NMK and have an endurance race of some sort as there are riders with numbers attached.

H212 & H803 are both early Indians from the Wigwam in Springfield, whilst H215 & H853 are both big X`s - Excelsiors from the Scwinn factory in Chicago.
A sidenote, still quite intriguing; the boy in the right side of the photo admiring the riders and their bikes are by no doubt of Asian origin. This might have a link to the fact that King Chualongkorn of Thailand visited Notodden some years earlier?

A dog attack one of the riders.

Kid and dog on the run whilst the photo is taken.

Young boy looking with admiration at the riders.

The next two photos are just two from a bunch of photos by Schrøder - a well known photographer in Trondheim. They are shot at a motorcycle race that took place on the ice of Lianvannet near Trondheim in March 1928.

From left, FN, BSA, HD model B, another FN and to the far right a well known rider from this blog, Bjarne Wisth on a HD twin with outriggers and skies.

Rare bird, a Norwegian Super X. Not many photos of Super Xès to be found from here. There is some oddities with this one. Bike seems to be a 28 according to the fork with exposed dual springs and the skirted fender. Still it has an un-braked front wheel. The 28`s had front brake, one can just wonder why this dont?


onsdag 22. desember 2021

Pictures from yesterdaze!

 I`m a slacker with this web page - got to improve!

First off: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!!

Time to present some more great photos from the dawn of Norwegian motorcycling, enjoy!

This is such a cool photo! To the far right is Bjarne Wist, a person well described on this webpage in an early article on this web page.

A pretty much brand new Excelsior sidecar outfit. What great looking bikes those are, Packard Blue with cream rims - stunning!

This little work horse, a Harley 350cc model B bring this happy couple where they want to go.

Cool guy on an older Harley.

torsdag 4. november 2021

Some memories from the 2021 Motorcycle season

 I guess those pics will sum up a brief part of what happened in the motorcycle riding part of my life this year. A year where the Covid pandemic still had a fierce grip on most, and many events had to be cancelled.

Pictures are not presented in the correct order, still - enjoy!

mandag 26. oktober 2020

Autumn - end of another season.

Writing those words, and we are in the last week of October - autumn is almost done. September gave some nice rides in crisp air, cold but still warm when there was sun.

Had a day`s ride on the WL, alone, that is in a way OK as I am free to follow the speed that suits me and the bob job. Here a stop at a gas station, many Jap bikes where out this day, for sure they are all a quite different breed than my old WL.

Do you se the post box? Only a few meters from the road is a farm that have been unpopulated for two decades or more, now almost invisible.

The WL is seen from inside the green, if you look closely enough.

Once a mans workshop, now slowly taken back by mother nature.

Going gravel roads with the Beemer outfit is great, no cars for hours, here a stop looking for Chantarells.


This 50 Pan needed some love and care.

The end of public road dont have to be the end of fun roads.

Those roads where to bad for my modern ride, had to be a passenger in Runes Ural/BMW outfit, Villy and son with Zundapp KS in front.

New family member coming home. Harley Davidson 1937 W, Øyunn`s "new" ride.

This nice old 45" have been asleep for more than four decades.


Happy owner with a big grin!


tirsdag 15. september 2020



Missed "Bånn Gass" this year, would have raced the Muroc Special as I did last year.