mandag 22. april 2019

Harley`s and sidecars.

So, last week - as if I didnt know better, I got myself an other old Harley Davidson. This one with a sidecar. The whole lot is a project, that is for sure, but still it have made me dream, hence this post with sidecar outfit photos from yesterdaze.

New toy!

Yes I know some of those photos might have been posted before, I lost track a long time ago, sorry for that.

torsdag 14. mars 2019

More Pics from Yesterdaze!

Time to share some more photos from yesterdays motorcycle adventures!

Peder Bjerkeseth have been presented at this web page before, then with his Henderson 4.

Young couple and Harley from 1919

Young lads posing on a 1924 Harley w. sidecar

Early twenties Harley outfit crossing the mountains

Love those Big Ex bikes, i bet the boy in the back of the picture admires the motorcycle`s horse power

onsdag 6. februar 2019


Ready to go!

Power Pluss

An early dark blue Merkel belt drive!

Harley workhorse from Western Norway

tirsdag 25. desember 2018

Harley Davidson FH two-cam racer

Harald Karlborg rode this Harley Davidson FH two-cam racer from the late twenties up to early thirties. He participated in both endurance run, hill-climbs and track racing.

With Sidecar attached.

No sidecar, but a good luck bear mascot on the back to secure the first place.

Harley Wrecking crew of Sweden

From right; Master Erik, Gunnar Kalen, Ivar "The meatball" Liljekvist and John Berglund, all dressed up in HD sweaters.
Erik was a favored rider by HD and had strong connections to the Milwaukee race dept., hence he got two 8 valve racers during his career. The others had to get the best out of their FH two-cam job`s.

fredag 21. desember 2018

Winter rides!!

OK, it is Christmas and winter in Norway. This mean there is snow, why not perform some winter sport with your motorbike? For sure the local gals will enjoy.

Merry Christmas & Happy New year to all my friends!

To all my friends! 
Each and one of you are a great inspiration to me in your work and your deeds.