tirsdag 17. november 2015

Reading Standard

Just found this cool printer block showing a Reading Standard from 1917. I thought first the creator of this mirror image had forgotten the horn. This was until I learned from Richard those particular models had the horn integrated in the head lamp!!
How cool is that 98 years ago.

mandag 16. november 2015

Beck grips

Beck grips, I love them Beck grips made for the Harley handlebars.
Why do I love them?
They are stylish and are made in many colors, simple in their design still stylish, and they are good to ride with too.

Beck Distributing Corp. was founded as early as in 1914 by a young  Irving Beck at age 20, whom realized the need of accessories and spare parts for motorcycles that not necessarily came from the motorcycle manufacturer themselves.

Irving was lucky enough to get a huge contract of supplying sidecars to the US Army during WWI. Sidecars that he imported from Australia.

When the war was over Irving started making catalogs of repair parts and accessories for the rapidly growing motorcycle market in the US. The Beck headquarters was located in Harlem NY in a eight story building who soon was filled with goods, much of it he imported from European countries,
After the WWII the US economy was blooming, and Beck started supplying spare parts and accessories to European made sports cars in addition to the motorcycle parts.

Beck would merge with a huge brake shoe maker in the late sixties, and as a company they exist even today though with a different name.

Harlem NY

Fifties Beck add from "The American Motorcyclist Magazine"

Annual Beck cataloge

Grips, grips, grips

Today there are great quality Beck reproduction grips available at reasonable prices.

onsdag 28. oktober 2015

Pictures from Yesterdaze

This is a great capture, girlfriend and an Indian, roadside stop for a coffee and something to eat, I already miss summer.

onsdag 7. oktober 2015

Pictures from Yesterdaze

I have now other info on this photo other than its taken during one of the Fanø beach races in Denmark. They were held from 1919 to 1923. This is a for me unknown Scandinavian 8 valve Harley. Anyone got any idea of what year of manufacture this one might be?

The cool young rider with a screw driver in his boot is for sure no wimp. Imagine flat out with them exhaust ports roaring just below your ears!

Pics from Yesterdaze

Picture above show a brand new Reading Standard from year 1919 in front of the Haller, Kopland & Co shop in Olso.
What neat machines those Reading Standards where.

Pictures from Yesterdaze

This is a cool picture.
It show a very young Crown Prince Olav whom would later become a beloved king of Norway. The picture of HMK Olav and F-864 is most likely taken during one of his visits to a motorcycle sport related event. HMK Olav would become a keen motorcycle rider and owned his own Harley, this was a smaller Harley model O, or model Sport.

On the picture below HMK Olav pose next to his bike.

Back to HMK Olav and F-864, one can wonder if his white sailor pants where still white after sitting on the bike. My guess is, not so white.
It is a fair chance HMK Olav`s simulated ride on F-864 sparked his desire for a Harley of his own.

tirsdag 6. oktober 2015