tirsdag 15. september 2020



Missed "Bånn Gass" this year, would have raced the Muroc Special as I did last year.

tirsdag 8. september 2020

End of summer - some recent photos

Scenery when climbing down towards Kvås.

Norway`s southern point, Lindesnes.

Some of Jarle`s Jaguar projects.

Roadkill 2020 was a blast.

Rival`s bikes.

Just arrived, by Henderson De-Luxe.

Riding buddy Rune and his 27 J.

Henderson, the silent four.

Before breakfast, regretting the amount of Aquavite.

Friends I.

Friends II.

Heading back home - the most beautiful weather this season.

Going backroads with "da-boss".

Strange pair.

Finally got Bjarne Wist up on the wall in my new garage.
A Harley nut since long gone.


tirsdag 4. august 2020

Pics from Yesterdaze

Just another batch of great motorbike related pics from years since long gone by, enjoy.

You know you have a problem when.....   This is actually a pretty rare machine, 1925ìsh Indian Prince

A mighty THOR V-twin and Norwegian country roads, unbeatable.

A happy group of people enjoying the sport of motorcycle riding, from left Indian PP, Harley Davidson 61" IOE, Harley Davidson Silent Grey Fellow 1915 and one big inch flatty from Reading Standard.

No problem to be cool when you can bring your gal on a ride with this Indian outfit.

You got to love those late thirties Chief`s, what great bikes they are.

Nearly a car, well I wish I would have had the chance to try one of those Ner - a - Car`s to see how they act with hub steering and feet forward!

Another pic of that great Reading Standard shown in the earlier pic. The dress code on the riders is pretty posh!

Bike and babes - three of the later.

You might think all early Harley`s in Norway where the same boring green when delivered from Sørensen & Balchen, not so. The bikes used by our postal service where delivered in red colors, dark red as the mailbox.

Early Cleveland two stroke, a popular machine even with its odd solutions to the engine and gearbox.

tirsdag 23. juni 2020

Crossing the Mountains, a white adventure / visitors from Rakkestad

Last weekend of May the mountain pass Brokke - Suleskard was opened for traffic after weeks of frenetic work by the road workers to remove heaps of snow.
Me and "da boss" had planned to make a ride to the mountains this first weekend as it is kind of cool to be among the first to cross. We were really thrilled when we a few days in advance of our planned trip got a call from our friends Vegard and Rune. They planned a Southern Norway spring ride, a ride including a visit to our home. We soon convinced them to include a ride in the mountains on their way back east.

What a weather, what a ride and my gosh what amounts of snow in the mountains!!

A few glimpses of May and June.

March, April & May, the spring months this year have brought times quite different than what one had foreseen.
In short, Covid 19.
Luckily we live country side and have been able to enjoy riding our Mc`s without any regulations.

Finally by the end of May I got the Knuck ready and have had some good rides on it.
Last out was the WL bob early June.
Kind of regained the relationship with my old sidehack companion, the BMW R100GN. Believe it or not, it is not all about old Hog`s.

Time is my worst enemy, got to spend more time on the road.

Enjoy some photos from May & first week of June.

søndag 3. mai 2020

Summing up the two first months of spring, March & April.

Still March, first ride & plenty of snow along the roads even in the low land. As sand is used on the roads when there is ice & snow it takes weeks for the roads to be clean. Feel safe with the hack then.

1st of April, Bessie is soon completed and WL just started on, no it is NOT a lie!

Bessie done, ready for some road action. A lot of necessary  maintenance is done during winter hibernation. Still below zero temps outside.

Going along the old highway by the coast, Bessie, Scarver & Øyunn.

Returning home from the coast by small roads, they give great experiences - always!

Norwegian springtime, this is you are allowed to make a camp fire wherever this is appropriate. What is then better than making your own waffles?

New day, new trip. This one towards west across the valleys towards Mandal. Sun, crisp blue skies, but cold as "#¤!

Bessie posing.


Gravelroads, nothing like three wheels on those. This is actually the old railway track from when Setesdal was connected to the coast by steam train.

Øyunn & Scarver, comfortably doing more gravel roads.


Brother WL is done, finally!


7,5 hours spent away in the saddle today. Going east inland, and by the coast back west.

Went by Svein to check out his 28 JD (not the first time), original with roadster bars. Owned by Svein since 1971 and on the road since 74.