søndag 13. august 2017

There is no cure for love!!

Insanity can be found in many forms!

onsdag 9. august 2017

Helmer Petterson and his Excelsior racer

I made a post on both man & machine 4 years ago, puh time goes by fast.


Just found another great photo to add to this original write up I did.

tirsdag 8. august 2017

Pictures from yesterdaze, HEROES!

"Master" Erik Westerberg and his open port Harley 8 valve racer.

Brother Gunnar Westerberg with Harley Sidecar racing outfit.

Gravelrun 2017

Gravelrun 2017 was such a great weekend!!
Best of friends gathered, weather as nice as it can ever get, and a bunch of nice old machines touring remote gravelroads in the woods of southern Norway.

Will post a bunch of pictures from this weekend during the next days, here is a teaser;

Pictures from Yesterdaze

Howdy, the AMcN blog have been a quiet place in a long long time. Will try to make a change to this, will post both here and at my Instagram profile in the future.

Check out that Gargoyle oil can in the picture, guess what I just found!!

torsdag 4. mai 2017

Gravelrun 2017

OK folks, The Gravel Endurance run for vintage motorbikes is getting closer. Only 3 weeks until Friday 26.05.17, is your old bike ready  by then?
For those who have signed up, we will be sending an informative flyer with details for the event, this you will receive either to your e-mail or it will be sent as a Facebook message, watch out!

tirsdag 21. februar 2017


OK folks, spring is getting closer day by day. And with spring the motorcycle season.

The question is then, have you done your homework during winter??

How to find out?

Ride the Gravelrun 2017 with us, a thrilling road run with 250 kms single lane roads and even better, most of the route is gravel roads.

We will send invitations to last years participants and some new we would like to join.

Did you not try this adventure before?

Send us an e-mail and ask for an invitation.

2015 Event: 

2016 Event: