mandag 30. august 2010

F 836

A couple of days ago I got an e-mail that I truly apprechiated. This was from a Swedish lady, Myrna. She wanted to share some photos of her Grandfather Gunnars Harley with me as well as she gave me a brief look into whom these folks in the photos where.
This early twenties IOE Harley belonged to Myrnas grandfather whom she never learned to know as he passed only 32 years young back in 1930.
Gunnar living in Gislaved used his Harley both as daily transport as well as it played a role in his bussiness making furniture.
A sidecar equipped Harley was what he needed to get that piece of furniture securely delivered to any customer.
Both pics below are dated from 1929, the children is Olle who later was to become Myrnas father, his sister Gunnel and brother Allan.
The lady beeing Gunnars wife Gerda, Myrnas grandmother.
Having said Myrna is Swede is not all true as her mother flied Norway at the age 18 during WWII ending up in Sweden on the back of Olles motorcycle!!

A picture showing Gunnar with wife in the sidecar, pillow passenger is unknown. This picture show another sidecar boot than the two previous.

This pic is taken in front of Gunnars furniture bussines. The Harleys sidecar boot is removed to transport furniture.

These pictures have given a brief look into peoples lifes who all since long have passed. Wonder what happened to F 836, it might still be around.

Thanks a lot Myrna for sharing, wish there where more people like yourself.

søndag 29. august 2010

Trollrally 2010

Another weekend riding my 45 bob-job, a ride that got it all; sun, rain, thunder and hail, 1,5 degree C at 0700 this morning when I woke up in the tent. Seems like this summer comes to an end too.
This was my 24`th Trollrally, met a gentleman at the rally who had been at all 46 since they started. Oh well, that`s something.
Trollrally used to be one of those rallies where there came old bikes ridden by old guys. Now there is sure old guys but hardly you find any old bikes.
To get to this event the last 50-60 km`s is a true nightmare if your motor is rigid rear with springer front, some of the bumps in the road are amazingly deep, you better hold on to your handlebars.

Small rest when climbing the hills along lake Fyresdal. View is just amazing.

Trying to locate room for the tent, parked next to a Shuvel, the next Harley Classic?

The Rally campsite is along the lake Fyresdal beach wich is looong.

If you`r stupid enough to enter the sand with your Pan European you get STUCK.

Nope, sleeping will not solve your problem and when you wake up you will find your nightmare is true.

Something make me belive the owner of this bike is a tinsmith?

A pair of cool Triumphs.

A Chief

and its owner

Found this long legged Pan out there in the woods

Villy and his Chief

Party time

Heading back south, rain is pissing down and I feel kind of lonely.

torsdag 26. august 2010

Erik the blacksmith master

I seem to remember I`ve presented some of my god friend Erik`s blacksmith work on this blog before.
Went by his shop today as I had been told his latest project was now complete.
Whow!!!, this is a masterpiece of blacksmith work.
A chair, filled with organic forms and it is all borned from one single piece of I-beam from a local shipyard (300kg). Listen, there are no welds on this chair. All parts are cut lose from the beam at one point ore more to be bent to what you see in the pictures.
Tools; tourch, chiesels, heat from the forge and hammers.
This is true art and craftmanship.

OK, 300kgs of I-Beam

Voila, a chair is born

None of all those pieces forming this chair have ever been lose from the original beam. There is a lot of thinking in where to get enough steel from the beem to form the various parts in the chair.

Organic forms in the backrest spine

onsdag 25. august 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

There have always been those dedicated to their believes enough to travel far to work as missionaries. This family went from the cold North to Africa to spread the word of their religion, a sidecar equipped Injun eased the task of getting around.

tirsdag 24. august 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

Scan from an early Norwegian postcard. Two Injun Power Plusses in front of what appears to be Andebu post office. Postman with sack full of letters at left in picture?

mandag 23. august 2010

American Motorcycles

Yet another early Harley IOE with sidecar. Both this and the previous posted machine are Swedish as seen by the fact the sidecar is mounted on the left hand side. This bike have acetylene lights. Spare tire on sidecar front.

American Motorcycles

Late teens, early twenties Harley IOE with sidecar. The headlight is not a Harley item, way bigger than original. Maybe from an old car?

søndag 22. august 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

Its been awhile since there was any flow in pics from yesterdaze on this blog. Still many pics out there(and "in here") to be shared with those who have an interest in such, enjoy :-)

Three younger fellas where one is lucky to own an early Injun as transport.

torsdag 19. august 2010

Back in town

Gasp, have just landed from a 12 day motorcycle tour in Western Norway.
Fjords,ferry crossings, mountains where the snow is still not melted along the road, glaciers, stunning views, roads with no traffic, you can camp where ever you want. I dare to say the western part of Norway is as made for motorcycle touring.
A sidecar hack is so practical when touring like this, bringing all you need along for camping.

OK, I did not do this trip by any of my old Harley`s but I really wish to do so.
Maybe next time?
Hope whoever read my blog forgive there is a few peaks of the Beemers.

Camp at Hardangervidda, 1183 meters above sea level

What a small world, when crossing a mountain we met Teun "the crazy Dutcman" which I learned to know some years ago at a motorcycle meet. He is the only person I know doing an average of 100 000km a year on motorcycle!!!!

Sognefjellet, crossing the mountain pass. Glaciers and still snow along the road since last winter.

HDOCN (Harley Owners Club Norway) meet at Gudvangen where the valley is 4-500 meters wide and the mountain above your head at both sides are 11-1200 meters tall. 2 km up the valley a huge part a a cliff calculated to weigh 250000 kg fell from 800 meters down to the valley bottom, no it didnt happen in jurrasic times, it id happen last fall.

Climbing up the mountains from Aurland overviewing the fjord. This single lane road take you from sea level straight up the hill trough a huge number of S curves to approx 1200 meters above sea level. One of my favs.

When traveling the fjords ferries are a great part of getting you from one side to the other. When taking the ferry from Gudvangen to Kaupanger a two hours trip its really cool seeing all these small roadless communities along the fjord where still people live their lifes, no road no noise and most surely no connection to the mobile phone system. Imagine!

fredag 13. august 2010

On the road

Been on the road with my "other life`s bike" for a week now. Weather is mostly god, HDOCN party at Gudvangen tomorrow, Cool.

torsdag 5. august 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

A couple of weeks ago when I toured my 39 W westwards I ended up at a meet for military vehicles. While there I meet a fellow NVMC (Norwegian Vintage Motorcycle Club)member, Lars Jan. He was obviously a guy with several hats as I only knew him as a keen motorcyclist, either by Velocette or Indian 101, now touring a Willys jeep.
We soon came to discuss old motorcycle photos (surprise-surprise). The other day I got the excellent photo below in an e-mail from Lars Jan. This late thirties Indian Sports Scout had its heydays in the Stavanger area.
Thanks a lot, big smile!

A pair of amber spotlights on handlebars are a cool detail I`ve never seen before.

onsdag 4. august 2010

A-Bombers 2010, Heading home

See ye all in 2011

A-Bombers 2010, The party

A-Bombers are else than motorcycles, cars and the races. There are bands playing Thursday, Friday and Saturday, nomerous of. There are beer, barbeque and some booze too. Partying takes place into the early morning, all in a friendly manner.

A-Bombers 2010, The people

The god guys and girls

Getting decent photos showing some of those guys and girls attending A-Bombers to be a part of this event is a task in itself. These images beeing a small selection some of those.