søndag 29. august 2010

Trollrally 2010

Another weekend riding my 45 bob-job, a ride that got it all; sun, rain, thunder and hail, 1,5 degree C at 0700 this morning when I woke up in the tent. Seems like this summer comes to an end too.
This was my 24`th Trollrally, met a gentleman at the rally who had been at all 46 since they started. Oh well, that`s something.
Trollrally used to be one of those rallies where there came old bikes ridden by old guys. Now there is sure old guys but hardly you find any old bikes.
To get to this event the last 50-60 km`s is a true nightmare if your motor is rigid rear with springer front, some of the bumps in the road are amazingly deep, you better hold on to your handlebars.

Small rest when climbing the hills along lake Fyresdal. View is just amazing.

Trying to locate room for the tent, parked next to a Shuvel, the next Harley Classic?

The Rally campsite is along the lake Fyresdal beach wich is looong.

If you`r stupid enough to enter the sand with your Pan European you get STUCK.

Nope, sleeping will not solve your problem and when you wake up you will find your nightmare is true.

Something make me belive the owner of this bike is a tinsmith?

A pair of cool Triumphs.

A Chief

and its owner

Found this long legged Pan out there in the woods

Villy and his Chief

Party time

Heading back south, rain is pissing down and I feel kind of lonely.

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