onsdag 29. juli 2009

Ready to go! A-bombers in Sweden

Ready packed, rain gear, led additive for fuel, chain spray and some tools. I`m cheating and sending most of my gear with a friend who drives his 1952 Chevy to A-bombers.

Ready to go! A-bombers in Sweden

Added footboard extensions to rest legs when driving long distances.

tirsdag 28. juli 2009

Maria and "Gamla"

This is a god friend, Maria. She drives this 1929 JD for many years now, in this pic with a big laugh.

søndag 26. juli 2009

New kid in town

Lucky owner posing.

New kid in town

Disk wheels where common with WWI bikes and an option for 1917.

New kid in town

A friend, Arild just bought this 1917 F Harley that was restored in the late sixties by a well known Norwegian racing caracter and motorcycle mechanic; "GNOMEN". This bike have been hibernating for 30+ years.

fredag 24. juli 2009

Allan and a pair of 45"`s

Out for an evening spin

Still out there waiting to be found # 2

Harley 1920 61" that eventually will find a new home wher to be restored to its former glory

torsdag 23. juli 2009

American Motorcycles Norway

3 Harleys out touring gravel roads.

American Motorcycles Norway

Takin granma out for a spin in the sidecar.

onsdag 22. juli 2009

Back home from offshore

Back home from another trip offshore to earn some of those damned money we all need to stay tuned to our projects.

In one week from today I will be on my way to Sweden, A-Bombers 2009 is my goal.
Check out some history:


I look forward to that weekend.
Haven`t decided what bike to take yet, hmmm.

American Motorcycle Norway

What to do when you need to get all your pals with you on a ride. Seems to be an early Harley J model.

American Motorcycles Norway

This is some bike, a OHV Pope 61" (1000cc). My research so far show there have been at least four of these great quality machines in my area. I will try to post pics later showing pictures of an engine I found a few years ago at a local farm.

mandag 20. juli 2009

French Army Chief

Another shot of Halvor`s great Chief when crossing the mountains on our way to Trollrally.

French Army Chief

Halvor`s Chief, this is a real touring bike. Those Unskirted Chief`s where purchased by the French Army and brought to Norway by the German`s during the WWII.

American Motorcycles Norway

Young boys on a 1919 to 1924 Harley 61" (1000cc)

American Motorcyces Norway

1915ìsh Indian Powerplus. Driver in periodic gear.

søndag 19. juli 2009

fredag 17. juli 2009

You never know what`s in there

Jewels are not necessarily found in the jeweller’s store, so I better check this shed out

The office

"It`s important to keep your workbench tidy"


This is an alternative way of storing your old bikes, and NO they are not for sale!!! ref. owner

Trying to escape!

Oh well, not a motorcycle but still a cool picture.

torsdag 16. juli 2009

Henderson puzzle

Build your own Henderson puzzle

Kurt and his recent buy

This is a happy man looking forward to drive his Henderson

onsdag 15. juli 2009

Action shot from Ronald

45" action shot, coool.

Jan Kåres 1925 J

This is a great bike in original condition (or did they repaint once a long time ago as the decals are early thirties?).

AMCA fall meet at Davenport 2009

Tickets are paid for and accomodation is booked. Will attend the AMCA fall meet in Davenport from 3 to 6 of September 2009.
Look forward to this :-)

lørdag 11. juli 2009

Hans`s 1928 stroker JD w sidecar

I really like this bike, and it gets used (and abused). For some cool videos of this bike, go Youtube and search for:

Super cool JD stroker w. sidecar

This is Hans`s super cool 1400 cc JD stroker.
Fast machine!

lørdag 4. juli 2009

fredag 3. juli 2009

Out for a spin with my 45"

This is an interesting ol`shed, used to be a repair shop for bikes & bicycles back in the thirties. Bet there was some nice pieces of iron in there back then

Attending the international FIVA Rally in Stavanger # 17

Another pic showing Gunnars beautiful 1912 Excelsior
"Always makes good"

Still out there waiting to be found #1

Indian 101 from 1931, good stuff!!

Attending the international FIVA Rally in Stavanger # 16

Bengt´s vl with original sidecar, a nice bike indeed

Attending the international FIVA Rally in Stavanger # 15

German visitor with beautiful 1928 Indian four

Attending the international FIVA Rally in Stavanger # 14

Visitor from Switzerland on a beautifully restored KJ.

Attending the international FIVA Rally in Stavanger # 12

Original paint Chief from late twenties.