tirsdag 11. juni 2019

May memories

COLD, but a nice days ride. Øyunn, Beemer and old Bessie in Åseral.

Another great day!

1939 Harley Knucklehead

Another post to celebrate the 1939 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead

Ida, girlfriend (to become wife) of Hans, the first owner of my 39 Knuckle. Pic taken summer of 1939, very soon the bike had to flee off to Sweden due to the WWII. 

Bike and owner after the war is ended.

At the petrol station soon after the war has ended. Check out that V for victory painted to the wall, this was quite commonly done across the country by partisans.

Hans and EL, one of many fishing trips in to the mountains.

EL still with its OP from 39!

fredag 7. juni 2019

Out riding

A brief looking back at may, a month with lots of weather, mostly shit weather and even snow, well some riding took place still. Finally got my old Henderson pulled out of hibernation. I had almost forgotten what a great ride that bike is going at the correct pace along country roads.

We, my Henderson and I entered a motorcycle exhibition when we visited C&G, we won nothing, we where most likely not customized enough, and yes we rode there, no to trailer queens.

Having parked at home by the end of this great day,heaven opened and down came a bunch of snow, check out the Henderson`s Pearson seat.