søndag 13. august 2017

There is no cure for love!!

Insanity can be found in many forms!

onsdag 9. august 2017

Helmer Petterson and his Excelsior racer

I made a post on both man & machine 4 years ago, puh time goes by fast.


Just found another great photo to add to this original write up I did.

tirsdag 8. august 2017

Pictures from yesterdaze, HEROES!

"Master" Erik Westerberg and his open port Harley 8 valve racer.

Brother Gunnar Westerberg with Harley Sidecar racing outfit.

Gravelrun 2017

Gravelrun 2017 was such a great weekend!!
Best of friends gathered, weather as nice as it can ever get, and a bunch of nice old machines touring remote gravelroads in the woods of southern Norway.

Will post a bunch of pictures from this weekend during the next days, here is a teaser;

Pictures from Yesterdaze

Howdy, the AMcN blog have been a quiet place in a long long time. Will try to make a change to this, will post both here and at my Instagram profile in the future.

Check out that Gargoyle oil can in the picture, guess what I just found!!