søndag 21. september 2014

You know you are in trouble when;

Picture gently stolen elsewhere, show one fatal engine failure that happened in the ongoing US cannonball race.

Pics from yesterdaze

Swedish Excelsior, same bike with and without a sidecar.

onsdag 17. september 2014

American Motorcycles Norway

This is a 1929 Harley from up north in Norway, hence the letter W in the registration number.
This bike seems to be more for Oluf, the owner, than just a tool for commuting to work or anything like.
Why do I guess this?
As this bike have got the exhaust,the primary cover and dash board cover chrome plated, a rather expensive modification even back in the days, I am quite sure its owner use this bike for sports only. Sports such as to tempt the local girls to ask for a ride, like Lilly on the pillow right now in this photo capture.

Why the headlamp is removed? We will never get to know.

American Motorcycles Norway

Another early twenties Harley from Akershus, hence the letter C on the registration plate.
Even if this bike is an electrically equipped model, the owner have a ball horn mounted on his handlebars, they will always work, the Klaxon, ehhm, well that is not so sure.
This rider is a gentleman, wearing suit and tie as well as summer riding gloves and a motoring hat with a hard to recognize label in front. My guess is the label is either NMK or KNA.

onsdag 10. september 2014

Roadtrip w. Bessie

Finally weather shows its bright side, and now when I have to leave for work.

Got Bessie out of the workshop, off course she was ready at short notice.
Had a nice trip, sharp air, but still hot in the sun.

Met two girls along the road whom I am quite sure will end up as bikers. One girl pulled the other on a wood horse on wheels, I could not resist asking for a picture.

Back home again this evening, I by coincidence looked at my rear tire. Holy crap!
Last time I checked there was still plenty of pattern, now it was slick tire, the final part must have left in a hurry.

tirsdag 9. september 2014

Harleys, Harleys, they are everywhere as mushroms during autumn

Typical me.

Out and about looking for chanterelles, and off course I get distracted, stumbling into an early twenties Harley, silently resting towards the fence where once parked 50-60 years ago.

Hey folks it is 2014, and there are still undiscovered 90 years old Harleys parked in the woods!!
Oh my!
Walked a little further, oups again, an abandoned barn.

Check out the bridge to the barns second floor.
American made car frames, from the twenties too, I know, their remains was spread around in the area.

Question is; did I enter the barn? and did I find anything?
he he.

Oh, not to forget I found plenty of chantarelles too.

Local swapmeet

Damned, I feel like I did not ride any of my old bikes in such a long time.
Why that?
I have not.
It have been such a terrible weather for weeks, rain in biblical proportions, an ark would have been more suitable than a old Harley.
An ark or a BMW with sidecar, which I luckily have.

Well, there have been some Pan riding, couple of weeks ago I rode to the annual Birkeland swap meet. Had great weather, against all odds, and quite a few bikes came during the day.