onsdag 30. september 2009

HD Museum Milwaukee

Øyunn at the museum, the huge statue made by Jeff Decker is stunning, check out the details.

1933 Harley Davidsen, Art Deco at its best!!

The Holy grail!

Board track racers!

Joe Petrali`s Knuckle!

Stylish riding gear.

Hill climbers.

Knuckle dresser.

Visitors parking outside the museum.

AMCA fall meet Davenport 2009, The Roadweasels of Grand Rapids

Through my internet friend Bill we learned to know those great people; The Roadweasels of Grand Rapids Michigan.
It was a great pleasure spending an afternoon eating and drinking beer with them. Thanks Bill & Sheila for introducing us and letting us become Roadweasels too (oh yes I have an Indian in my stable).

AMCA fall meet Davenport 2009, the good guys & girls

This is some of the nice people I meet and talked with at Davenport; Fritz, Matt, Perry & Steve, Bill & Sheila, John, Easy Russ, Vegard, Per (Skåne), Rob (O4 Motor), Frank (the crayzy guy), Jeff, Mike, Lonnie jr., John, Thomas & Lori, Øyunn who takes care of shooting the pictures shown, Mike and Christian w. girlfriend.
There where many more too!!

torsdag 24. september 2009

Henderson guys from back then!

These two great gentlemen Per and Gunnar where the last two to run, wrench and play with my Henderson more than 55 years ago. I owe them alot. First of Per that newer throwed the Henderson away even when it had rusted to be a ghost of itself after more than 25 years spent outside, then Gunnar that kept its speedo in the attic all these years and even remembered so when I purchased the Henderson remains in 2002.
When I crancked the old Hen at let it purr I tell you those guys where quite excited.
What a day and so many memories!