onsdag 29. april 2009

Touring with my -39 W

On my way to HDOCN meet a couple of years ago

Allan`s 45"

Allan`s 45" -51 alongside the "Bandak" canal

tirsdag 28. april 2009

Wednesday afternoon touring # 6

Gas stop

Wednesday afternoon touring # 5

Villy`s Chief

Wednesday afternoon touring # 4

My own flattie

Wednesday afternoon touring # 3

Unrestored but still running strong

Wednesday afternoon touring # 2

Another local Panhead bobber

Wednesday afternoon touring # 1

Bigtwin flathead -46 and Panheadbobber, both belonging to local heroes

Bengt`s VL

Bengt`s beautifully restored VL w. sidecar

Air Horns

Linkert, Schebler, Roth and Linkert Arrow head

Local Harley

This is a late twenties B 21" / 350ccm sidevalve belonging to a old guy

My boardtrack racer project # 1

View from saddle onboard the boardtracker project.

lørdag 25. april 2009

American Motorcycles Norway

Posing on a F or FD -17 to -24 with carbide lighting, manual Klaxon and John Manville speedo.

American Motorcycles Norway

Snow is no problem when riding a Harley.
J or JD -26 or -27 set up for winter driving with skees and snow chains.

American Motorcycles Norway

Takin Grandpa and Grandma out for a spin with a JD -28, first year with front brake.

Biker babe

Azur Blue -27 JD

fredag 24. april 2009

Chopper for the poor

American Motorcycles Norway

Ace rider, looks like stylish guy`s with a stylish bike.

American Motorcycles Norway

Not so dressed up and fancy Harley rider!

My Super X 1926

Left side view.

My Super X 1926

This cool bike have been in the same shed since 1947 till this winter. Amazing they are still out there in this condition waiting to be found?!!

onsdag 22. april 2009

Spring is getting closer

2 April, sun is shining and snow is diss-apearing from the roads. Its time to get the bike out. Driving into the country side where the roads gets smaller there where plenty of snow still.

Jan`s ACE

A friend and co-member of the Norwegian Vintage bike club have just completed his ACE restoration. This is a serious cool bike.

Motor for my next project

Have just started my Henderson engine. Have not run since -51. The sound was really snappy and chrisp. Imagine rolling a new Henderson out of the shop back in -27. You would for sure be the local hero when everyone else in town had to pedal on their bicycles to get anywhere about.

My -39 W 45"

I am the second owner on this -39 W.
When i got the chance to buy this bike from the relatives of the previous owner it needed a full overhaul on any moving part whatsoever.
Changed every bushing, bearing, needle roller etc etc.
Even if the W is not a very powerfull bike this is the bike that gets most mileage.

American Motorcycles Norway

Here is a -26 or -27 J 61" (1000cc) that is used to pull firewood back to the farm.
How many guys out there use their old scoot for this purpose now a days in deep snow, with skees and snow chains on both wheels.

American Motorcycles Norway

Some of those images might have been shared by me in other forums like the AMCA site(Antique Motorcycle Club America) http://www.antiquemotorcycle.org/
I have been a AMCA member for years, their magazine is a highlight each time its recieved.

This is a -28 J or JD (front brake but no dual headlamps as in -29), there is a odd home made mod. to allow the driver to operate clutch by hand. Must have been a guy that have been used with this set up on his older bike as this dissapeared in -25 on HD.

My Harley 45" bobber # 4

Dual-cam operated front brake right side view

My Harley 45" bobber # 3

Installed dual-cam operated front brake.

As I really felt there where need for improving my bob job`s front brake I found the dual cam front brake kit now availiable from several sources to be a god alternative. I purchased this from W&W.

To stand out from the crowd I added a aluminium ring with cooling fins on the drum.
Had to run the drum in the lathe to get its external round, heated the ring to 200degree celsius before I installed it to the drum. It is fitted with 0,5mm negative fit.

My Harley 45" bobber # 2

Some more shots.

My Harley 45" bobber # 1

Having been a regular surfer on other folks blogs, having seen umpteen cool photos from what is my no.1 interrest (have a guess) I found its time to make my own blog.

Will try to load some pics showing American Motorcycles in Norway, this beeng old photos or old bikes (in more recent photos).

I start up with my 45" bob job;