tirsdag 15. september 2020



Missed "Bånn Gass" this year, would have raced the Muroc Special as I did last year.

tirsdag 8. september 2020

End of summer - some recent photos

Scenery when climbing down towards Kvås.

Norway`s southern point, Lindesnes.

Some of Jarle`s Jaguar projects.

Roadkill 2020 was a blast.

Rival`s bikes.

Just arrived, by Henderson De-Luxe.

Riding buddy Rune and his 27 J.

Henderson, the silent four.

Before breakfast, regretting the amount of Aquavite.

Friends I.

Friends II.

Heading back home - the most beautiful weather this season.

Going backroads with "da-boss".

Strange pair.

Finally got Bjarne Wist up on the wall in my new garage.
A Harley nut since long gone.