fredag 31. januar 2014

Its snow all over!

Yes I admit I have sinned. But hey!, did I deserve to get the 1,2 meters of snow that have fallen the last week and a half?

It might be it is what I deserved to as I have forgot to mention there is a new blog out, one of great interest for anyone dealing with earlier Harley`s and their IOE models in particular.

Here you go;

Thanks Uffe & Lars for letting me know!

onsdag 15. januar 2014

Work bench for the Boardtracker!

A while back I found two old really well made wooden drawers in a trash container (yes yes I admit it, I always do stretch too look what is inside a dumpster when I pass by one). It is so nice to see old drawers, how they tapped the corners together, rock solid, not as today`s cardboard IKEA stuff.
What do I do with them two drawers, uhhmm!
Ahh, I better get my gear together to finally make a work bench for the boardtracker, at least I can not excuse myself with having to bend my back if by any chance I should feel like working on it.

In old photos from the Harley factory its cool to see how they built the bikes on wooden benches like my own, no hydraulic to lift the bike, lift on, lift off.

mandag 13. januar 2014

More bling for Bessie

Sometimes I get amazed by my own projects. What I`m trying to say is I am stretching the limit in what stupid parts I spend time making.
Why so?
Just because, I guess.

I have since long had a bunch of them great looking old glass spots, used by Buco and other leather work suppliers back in the days. I once purchased them from my fellow Roadweasel member easy-Russ who for sure is worth a story in himself (I am going to save that for later).
Those old ones have a really nice and deep color, they dont look as them modern  "fake"  ones for sale on e-bay.
Anyway, I made four stainless steel fasteners for Bessie, hope she will enjoy them.

lørdag 11. januar 2014

A little present for Bessie

OK I`m at work, sleeping during the day and trying to get some work done during night.
This night I got carried away from the normal routine, I started making a little present for my Pan girl Bessie.

Working on a piece of metal with files is like meditation to me, to see metal getting removed and a part taking shape.
No wonder I do collect all sorts of files at home.

It is mental hygiene, filing that is!

0.8 mm stainless steel sheet metal makes a nice little bling-bling for Bessie

fredag 3. januar 2014

Magneto mounting.

Later model F Harley IOE engines came with the ZEV model American Bosch magneto. In later years when parts became hard to get for the American Bosch , some replaced those with later type FFV.
The ZEV models have a height of 45 mm from center shaft to mounting base, FFV models have only 38 mm.
In addition ZEV mounting screw holes have different locations compared to a FFV.
Trough the years I have found several IOE engines where the right side case is molested at the magneto mount, or there have been some sort of crap spacer made in order to mount a FFV.

I have a couple of nice FFV 45 degree magnetos and I decided to build a proper mount for the magneto that is to be used on my cutdown motor. I made a mount permanently fitted to the engine case, still the magneto is easily removed or adjusted towards the timing cover.

torsdag 2. januar 2014

What a happy day!

Whow, I had the most exciting moment the other day when opening my post box. By coincidence it contained the following, all arrived the same day;
the excellent book "The original vintage Harley Davidson" sent to me from Taxi in japan, Dice and GKmag latest issues and a three pack of Low Side Magazine, a great mag that was new to me until recently.
This book and the magazines are like drugs to me, I cant stop looking and reading.

Go get them!

onsdag 1. januar 2014

Pics from yesterdaze.

Two cool photos I have had on my wall for more than 30 years, Odda motorcycle club pictured in the early fifties.

In front of the fjord hotel in Odda, this large wooden hotel unfortunately was torn down many years ago.
From right, a Victoria 350, a late thirties HD 45", the next ahh! this is a rare beauty. Anyone got an idea! I know the answer, shoot me an e-mail if you know too. Then there are some Tempo`s and NSU`s, not that thrilling.

On their way to Voss.
From left, an Ariel Red Hunter, another brithish late thirties?, the Victoria not quite sure, an early Tempo, a Nimbus and finally a 1948 HD 45" that is now owned and under restoration by my friend Asle. Not to many Harley 45`s sold in Norway after the WWII, its a rare bird for sure.