onsdag 1. januar 2014

Pics from yesterdaze.

Two cool photos I have had on my wall for more than 30 years, Odda motorcycle club pictured in the early fifties.

In front of the fjord hotel in Odda, this large wooden hotel unfortunately was torn down many years ago.
From right, a Victoria 350, a late thirties HD 45", the next ahh! this is a rare beauty. Anyone got an idea! I know the answer, shoot me an e-mail if you know too. Then there are some Tempo`s and NSU`s, not that thrilling.

On their way to Voss.
From left, an Ariel Red Hunter, another brithish late thirties?, the Victoria not quite sure, an early Tempo, a Nimbus and finally a 1948 HD 45" that is now owned and under restoration by my friend Asle. Not to many Harley 45`s sold in Norway after the WWII, its a rare bird for sure.

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