mandag 24. oktober 2016

Pic`s from Yesterdaze!

My friend Kåre found this old photo from the early fifties when visiting an old relative who is living in one of the nearby valleys.
This is amazing as I thought in all modesty I knew pretty well by now what Harley`s had been where in my neighborhoods, but no.

This late fourties 45" / 750 cc is most likely a private import from US, maybe the first owner over here bought it when working in the merchant navy?
I like this bike, with the Chevron and rails on the front mudguard, the windshield with a rosette and of course the pennants (the one visible is from Grimstad, like 100km`s from where this photo was captured..

Damned, how am I gonna get some sleep tonight, I will wonder what happened to this old hog.

onsdag 19. oktober 2016

Pics from Yesterdaze!

Here are another group of photos from when motorcycling was a sport for the few.
Those pictures are all captured at various locations in Norway from early twenties to mid thirties, the heydays for American Motorcycles in Norway.

K171, an early Indian pre 1914 with the IOE (inlet over exhaust) Hedstrom engine. This picture is taken in Kristiansand, a nearby town from where I live. Wonder what happened to this Indian motocycle?

A2569, a Harley single from late twenties and its proud owner.

Whow this young lady rider show us a nice smile. No wonder, she tour her Harley VL from 1929 / 30 around Southern Norway.   I like the way the pennants from the towns visited are attached to a line from the handlebars to the bottom of the fork, a cool detail. Gravel roads have stained the bike with dust and sand, no asfalt back then.

fredag 14. oktober 2016

Pics from Yesterdaze.

Below two photos shot by a professional photographer for Steen & Strøm in Oslo in 1921.
Steen & Strøm offered those latest fashion Motorcycle clothes for the discerning motorcycle rider and passenger of the day.

onsdag 12. oktober 2016

Pics from yesterdaze.

Harley Davidson with registration D545 still have the skies mounted even if there is no snow in sight.

R315, a mighty THOR!

Harley Davidson F1074 seems to be a pretty new machine in this picture, its paint job is still glossy. My guess is this is a Harley 1918 model with sidecar. Both rider and passenger keep very serious facial expressions, wonder why?

More autumn riding pics.

Have pooked around on the computer today, found some more pictures from an evening ride in September with Cay and Rune.
A very good ride and a couple of pic`s worth sharing.

søndag 9. oktober 2016

Pics from Yesterdaze!

Another good looking Injun PP from Sontum & co. in Christiania (now Oslo).
The rider have a pretty cool attitude when he is looking into the camera, he owns a motorbike. The young lad to the left would for sure have wanted to own one, his eyes tell me so.
If the gal is ready for a ride or impressed of the Injun is harder to tell. To me she looks as if she is quite stressed, when she grabs the coat of her boyfriend with a firm grip.

Fur seat cover from Trque-leathers in Japan

The end of season was not as cold for my butt as it used to be thanks to Hiro @ Trque Leathers ( and this nice fur seatcover he made me.

End of season!

OK folks. I am afraid the end of this year`s motorcycle season is here now. It is below freezing point during nights and the salt plagues will soon start again.

There is thing that sure is true, I dont ride my bikes on salted roads anymore, period.

Below some pics from autumn rides with and without company.