lørdag 19. mai 2018

A spring month with great variations.

First ride, still plenty of snow along the roads.

Rode Bessie to the C&G spring event.

My Cutdown displayed at the C&G spring event, in good company with Morten`s BSA.

New Kid in town, Jon decided to fulfill his Panhead dreams.

Sveins Vespa and Runes pan at Evje treff.


Heading home from Evje treff, going back roads, still plenty of gravel from the winter left on the tarmac.

And plenty of snow where there is shadow.

Rob and Henning at the AMK spring meet.

My WL bobber in good company at the AMK spring meet.

Mid may and there are summer temperatures and the snow is all gone!

One more new kid in town, Svein got himself a Harley W / WL that had been hibernating for almost three decades. Look forward seeing that back on the road.

fredag 18. mai 2018

Street legal, at last!

Was great to have a decent ride on public roads, the chassis handles well on roads with lots of curves.

Slim lines!