onsdag 31. mars 2010

2010 events

Its the same story every year, what to do and where to go, money, time and workschedule

AMCA Europe meet in Holland

International Harley rally, Setesdal valley in South Norway

We are here when ever there is a chance, great weekend.

Will try to get to Wauseon as my work schedule dont allow me going to any other US AMCA events this year.

Ekeberg markedet (swapmeet) is the largest swap meet in Scandinavia according to NVK (Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb) who organize this event twice a year, spring and autumn.
Will be there at 17 & 18 of Sept. trying to get rid of a bunch of old Harley parts. Look out for the AMcN stand.

Motorcycle Girls

OK, this is not a pic from the Scandinavian motorcycle scene, but some photos just have to be shared. Stumbled across this photo while surfing the www. Ain`t her smile something?

Just played with languages;

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tirsdag 30. mars 2010

American Motorcycles

This cool picture show two younger guys from the Norwegian liberation forces joining a parade to celebrate we won the war (WWII). They got their logo on the fork mounted toolbox; H-S and the colours of the Norwegian flag.

mandag 29. mars 2010

Thank you all!!!!

I just realised there have been more than 10 000 page views since 1`st of January 2010 on the AMcN blogspot site.
I truly apprechiate this, though it scares me too. What am I to do when there are no more old photos to show?
OK, there are still quite a few "in stock" as well as there are many more waiting to be found.

Thank you all :-)


American Motorcycles

After church with all your god folks, and not to forget; motor bike and car.
Harley 61" (1000 cc) approx. 1919 model with sidecar. Cant really figure what car this is?

American Motorcycles

X 381, Indian Power Plus with sidecar, proud owner and missus? This bike is well documented with pictures. Will post more from this bikes life in rural Sweden 80 + years ago in time to come.

fredag 26. mars 2010

American Motorcycles

It`s eastern and I`m stuck in the middle of the north sea, 40 knots wind and oilmud to my neck.
Heck, I will soon be back shore and hopefully the roads allow some motorcycling then.

Said it before, its time to lay down your shifter and allow some sun into your workshop. It`s spring time.

Happy eastern to all who might read this.

Female Harley rider from Oslo. I like those old photos showing female riders from way back then.

torsdag 25. mars 2010

Workshops & wrenching

I mentioned in a previous posting that I was going to make a compilation of old workshop pictures showing under what conditions our old motorbikes where maintained "back then". Most of the pictures in this post have been posted previously under "pics from yesterdaze", but hey! I`m the one running the show & I wanted to see all those pics in relation to each other to get an overview.
Man its cool with a glimse into these old workshops. Imagine working there with lack of lights and drills and lathes operated by open belts and pulleys, you better watch out and pay attention!

onsdag 24. mars 2010

American Motorcycles

Its important to start practising at an early age.
This young motorist is ready for take off on a 1931 Harley 45" (750cc).
The 45" from the years 1929 to 31 was nicknamed "the three cylindered Harley" due to its "erected" generator next to the front cylinder.
The owners of these motors had numerous problems with the bewel drives running the generator, and hence the factory left this setup for the 1932 models.

Owner of bike have made some real neat knee pads in leather for protection of fuel tank as well as knee caps.

Kaybee spotligt on right side handlebars.

American Motorcycles

1928 Super X made by by Excelsior Mfg in Chicago. This was a fast, tough fragile machine. Even faster if hopped up with the optional "Super Sport" kit availiable from the factory.

mandag 22. mars 2010

American Motorcycles

Another Danish Harley racer, keystone frame with std fork and racing bars.

søndag 21. mars 2010

American Motorcycles

Rather 5 minutes to late than many years to early.
Drive safely, spring is here.

Poor old WL,

American Motorcycles

I find pictures from old workshops in general (and old motorcycle workshops in particular) very interresting. Those old bikes that we love where maintained with a minimum of tooling but most likely with a lot of skill.
Have posted some old workshop photos before. If I get time I will rearrange and get them all in one post.
Here is another workshop interior,

I dont recognise the bike in front , the other beeing a Harley.

lørdag 20. mars 2010

What to do with your spare engine

Found this cool photo showing a small home built plane motorized by what I think is a IOE Harley engine from late twenties.
I recon this means you can thrust a Harley motor as in a plane you face bigger problems when your engine stops, than if driving down the road on your motorcycle.

American Motorcycles

Ahhhhrg! Some real nice shots of two Reading Standards, those big inch displacement sidevalve machines are cool motors indeed.

fredag 19. mars 2010

Fender trim

Approved accesories, bling bling!
There is allways something to wish for.

Speed deamon






Flash Gordons jet plane

Overload 1

Overload 2

torsdag 18. mars 2010

American Motorcycles

Indian Power Plus with sidecar x 2

onsdag 17. mars 2010

American Motorcycles, Harley commercial`s

1929-30 45"

1926-27 61" IOE

1933, one year only art deco bird decal on fueltank. Love it.

Humans best friend

My ol mate like to keep a certain standard to where he spend his time relaxing.


I buy a lot of books, this includes a load of books with motorcycle related images.

This last one don`t show many bikes but it show some great captures of 60`s 1% biker lifestyle wich by no doubt was tough.
There are no weekend bikers in this book.


WL bob-job

Last issue of HDOCN (Harley Davidson Owners Club Norway) Magazine had an article on my WL bobber in their first 2010 issue.

I think the pictures taken in late autumn light where great.
Location is at one of Norways oldest water power plant still producing electrical power, wich it have done since 1920. This station is producing electrical power from only 15 meters waterfall, by using what is called low pressure turbines.

Here is a overview pic from Nomeland. The power plant station was drawn in 1916, its one of my favourite stops when out for an evening ride.

Then one pic is taken at an old abandoned gas station in Sweden.

Front page HDOCN Magazine issue 1, 2010

søndag 14. mars 2010

Horse vs. Horsepowers

And who would win a rope pulling contest?
I am fairly sure the motorbike wouldnt manage to pull the Horse even if the Horse only represent one horsepower, how come this reverse mathematics?

OK, this is not a US made bike but I just love this pic.

American Motorcycles, pic`s from Yesterdaze

Oh my, time is flying and computer have been given a minimum of priority lately. Reason is simple, spring is getting closer and there are many issues to be taken care of with bikes soon to be used.
I have a Indian 101 from -31 that I still have not wrenched on, no time or money. BUT, a 1931 101 45" Indian Scout Motocycle is one beautyful little motorcycle, I love its design and proportions.
I think some Injun pics from yesterdaze would be OK to share, enjoy