onsdag 21. mai 2014

Pictures from Yesterdaze

Better share some more photos from yesterdays rides. Enjoy!

A proud boy with his new toy. A late twenties Harley model B. The B was maybe not as fast as its OHV cousin the BA, nicknamed the "peashooter", still a nice ride for a young man who wants to explore his surroundings.

Gramp and his pillow passenger are out for a ride on his Indian PP.

Another PP, this one spending its time in more urbane conditions than the previous.

This guy from far up north have spent his savings on a Cleveland two stroke. 

Out for a Sunday ride and an a photo stop in front of a beautiful wooden hotel.

mandag 19. mai 2014

Trondhjemsridtet (Trondhjems rally) is coming closer!

Just a couple of days left on the rig, and it is back to reality again.

First out is Castlerun in Copenhagen, that is one great event I`m looking forward to, lets just hope the 450km`s ride down trough Denmark gets slightly less wet than last years experience.

The following weekend, oh my oh my.
Trondhjemsridtet takes place, and I need to be more than ready with my Henderson. 1250km`s of riding, country roads and gravel roads, mountains and valleys.
I can feel the fear of technical mishaps now.
I should better forget those thoughts, and stay true to the bell from Toshi. The bell will be on the Henderson to protect it from all technical evilness, puhhh!

Baked all maps in plastic foil tonight, you never know, it might rain in Norway too (its more than a fair chance).
Got my road-books all rolled up and ready to go in the new road-book holder, will be a new experience to use this device in addition to the Waltham 8 days clock and the Corbin trip meter.
Spare parts, oh yes there are quite a few coming along with the tool-roll, extra gas and oil, it will all be securely fastened to my new luggage rack (better not forget it is still with the painter).

In my next life I will spend more time in my hammock. Motorcycle madness is at times quite stress.

Hope I get to use the roll to the right as much as the left one!

onsdag 14. mai 2014

Fire fire!

No worry the fire brigade is under way.

Diogo from Portugal wanted me to share this great photo showing his father riding a special Harley fire combination.

No doubt Harley power is required to bring three men and loads of equipment in a hurry to a fire scene.

søndag 11. mai 2014


My friend Erik came by my place the other day for a cup of tea. Not only did he bring two pieces of Harley stuff to make our conversation easier, he even had to work on Runes bike with me.

The 45" WWII HD bottom end was found in a back yard in Baku Azerbaijan recently, not to bad when Erik have the passion for those machines.

The 1917 IOE motor in the back on the picture is another story.

fredag 2. mai 2014

The devil is all in the details

Making good all the small details is quite important to a resto. If off course you want the end product to work as intended.
Like the gas cable link to the Schebler carb, that is supposed to be adjustable "without" having to remove the fuel tank or alternatively the carburetor.
This mean, when re-fabricating make it as original or use an original.
Runes 27, (Mm, the one missing a single % from being complete) got a repop, a working repop that is.

Top is quick fix, right is original, left is repop.

Done deal, from left is original, repop and quick fix.

Frame progress

Finally I found time to continue working on the cutdown frame. As the lower tubes in the rear frame would become too short after moving the rear wheel lugs, I had to get hold of some quality seamless hydraulic tubing, with 2 mm wall thickness to replace the original 7/8" pipes.
Not so easy, most local hydraulic companies supply to offshore and hence use stainless tubing only.
To get rid of the two pieces of pipe stuck in the frame center casting was a story in itself, but they finally came out.

Brought the frame and jig in my "frame mobil" to my buddy Erik`s workshop to get help with bending the new tubes to fit relocated castings.
Lots of fiddling to get this done, but as long as Erik is in control of the torch success is granted.

Now it is just some brazing left and voila the cutdown frame is ready.

Then of course I need to shorten four fork legs, but that is just another challenge.

Stay tuned.