mandag 19. mai 2014

Trondhjemsridtet (Trondhjems rally) is coming closer!

Just a couple of days left on the rig, and it is back to reality again.

First out is Castlerun in Copenhagen, that is one great event I`m looking forward to, lets just hope the 450km`s ride down trough Denmark gets slightly less wet than last years experience.

The following weekend, oh my oh my.
Trondhjemsridtet takes place, and I need to be more than ready with my Henderson. 1250km`s of riding, country roads and gravel roads, mountains and valleys.
I can feel the fear of technical mishaps now.
I should better forget those thoughts, and stay true to the bell from Toshi. The bell will be on the Henderson to protect it from all technical evilness, puhhh!

Baked all maps in plastic foil tonight, you never know, it might rain in Norway too (its more than a fair chance).
Got my road-books all rolled up and ready to go in the new road-book holder, will be a new experience to use this device in addition to the Waltham 8 days clock and the Corbin trip meter.
Spare parts, oh yes there are quite a few coming along with the tool-roll, extra gas and oil, it will all be securely fastened to my new luggage rack (better not forget it is still with the painter).

In my next life I will spend more time in my hammock. Motorcycle madness is at times quite stress.

Hope I get to use the roll to the right as much as the left one!

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