tirsdag 24. mai 2011

American Motorcycles Norway

There is a fair chance I posted this picture way back, I`ve lost track of that. Still its great when stumbling across information to a capture of unknown history like I just did when reading an issue of Aftenposten dated 31 of Jan. 1929.
Recognising the picture in the article led to frenetic searches in my files, success I found it.

This Harley JD and two more where bought brand new in 29 to allow post to be carried three times a week across the mountains and down the valleys in a route from Oppdal to Sunndalsøra in Norway. Imagine winter, snow, blizzards and freezing cold on a motorbike when the distance is no less than 70 km`s one way.
Prior to those Harleys post was shipped by boat all around the coastline to reach Kristianaia (Oslo) which took several days.

going trough some old pics on my harddisk show that the post from Oppdal to Sunndalsøra was actually brought pr. Harley during winter in 1928 too. Svein S Wammer is captured during winter at Oppdal ready to leave for Sunndalsøra with post in a pic posted back in April 2010 on this blog.

mandag 23. mai 2011

American Motorcycles

Early Indian PP`s recieved from the wig wam in Springfield Ma by the Swedish General agent AB A. Wiklunds Maskin & Velocipedfabrik in Stockholm.
Obviously these machines where shipped with no tires. What a bunch of white non-skids stcked in the back.

Pic gently borrowed from a Swedish vintage car site on the www.

American Motorcycles Norway

A couple of days ago I was fortunate to get a bunch of very cool motorcycle pictures captured in the early twenties in eastern Norway.
To be able to tell the story on all pics there is still some work to be done in talking more with a very nice chap Sverre, borned in 1930. He is the owner of those pics and the one still remembering this old Henderson and the folks it belonged to. Still I can not resist in posting this image now, enjoy these beautiful girls dressed up in their prettiest dresses on a sunny spring day and of course the Henderson.

søndag 22. mai 2011

The wind chill factor

Whoever riding his motorcycle(s) in all weathers know if your wet from heavy rain the wind chill factor might make you really cold, even on a summers day.
A windshield or a fairing might be a part of solving this problem, tough you will then miss those sunny days and moments of riding with a cool breeze playing in your face that motorcycles is all about.
Hrrm, you might say there is now way you can get the best from both worlds!
Some would get stuck with either a windshield or fairing as shown in the illustrations from two 30`s Popular Science magazines, some would get wet and cold to be able to undisturbed feel those magic moments of motorcycling given only by a hot summers day.

Or. there might be a third option, the Hanson Sports Shield introduced to the market in the late fourties. Made by Thoro Corporation in Batavia Ill. USA. I dont know much on Thoro else than that they where among the first to introduce a hydraulic motorcycle workshop lift as early as in 1948, cool too.
I imagine Thoro did only produce the roll up windshield as its named Hanson, my guess is its designed by, yes one Mr. Hanson.
I have wished for one of this rare windshield for many years until I recently had the chance to purchase one for my bobber.

Oh my do I look forwar in getting this cool period aftermarket windshield.

Periodic pictures are gently stolen from the Caimag forum and the super cool blog of Mr. Knucklebuster. One cool detail, in the second last photo sent to me from Gary in the US is our friend Paul from W&W cycles in Germany whoms face is pictured in a bunch of more photos on this blog.


fredag 20. mai 2011

American Motorcycles Norway

I do appreciate this old shot alot.
Pictured is a family as well their pride and joy`s.
Mother have teached the old Sangt Bernard to sit and give its paw, son wish to be as cool a guy as his father owning a motor when grown up and father, well for sure is he proud of his Indian Scout bought from Sontum in Kristiania after having seen their add in the local newspaper. OK, he wished for a larger PP but his savings didnt reach for more than the Scout.
Those Scouts became very popular as they where easy handling motorcycles as well as their power mostly satisfied the everyday riders needs.

The sun sparkle in the nickle plated handle bars, acetylene head lamp and accesory pump attached to the fork.

onsdag 18. mai 2011

American Motorcycles Norway

Another pic of C-8163, previously posted on this blog i another view.

tirsdag 17. mai 2011

American Motorcycles Norway

I did by chance get in contact with Ronny from the Ski / Follo district as he have collected a number of old photos related to his area, those can be found at http://www.skislekt.no/

Ronny enjoy old motorcycles and is as myself a member of NVMC. He have shared with me this fantastic photo of Eugene Holmen at right in the picture and his Harley Davidson.

Eugene`s Harley is a early twenties model whilst the other bike is a late teens. Photo is taken outside what appears to be a outlet for various electrical apparatus.
At first when I saw the poster advertising for Daytons I came to think about a recent discovery showing periodical advertising for Dayton motorcycles offered by a Kristiania (Oslo) dealer in the late teens. I`ve never seen or heard of Dayton remains in Norway and would be more than happy to learn there where some??
OK, this poster is obviously advertising an electrical product made by Dayton Electric and Mfg Company, as with the motorcycles made out of Dayton Ohio in the US.

mandag 16. mai 2011

American Motorcycles Norway

"A picture might tell more than a thousand words", a phrase heard again and again.
Still I find this beeing the truth.
Female riders from Yesterdaze - canvas riding coats, googles and leather caps, all according to periodic motorcycle fashion. I bet their skirts by the end of the day got some evidence of the Indian Power Plus`s oil consumption and total loss lubrication system!!!

One can just wonder if the guy in the pic is trying to adjust the handlebars to be in line with the bike?

Stickers, stickers, stickers

As long as I`ve been into motorcycles (that is quite a time when counting years) I have collected stickers related to the sport, dealers, clubs, whatever and so on to put on my tool locker and all over my workshops, they are every where and I like it.

OK, running into Bjørn Andre at the Ekeberg swap led to more than an interesting conversation on old US made motorcycles in general and the restoration of Bjørn Andres famous Spanjola, the multicylindered Indian based homebrew that have been presented on this blog previously.
I have been lucky enough to benefit from his skills as grapich designer to get an AMcN sticker, thanks a lot!!

Felix, in latin "lucky". I feel lucky whenever I ride my old cicles, else why should I bother keeping them alive?
"Felix the cat", a surrealistic cartoon character borned in the late teens as a silent film star, soon to get his own cartoon. Both his films and cartoons gained enormous popularity troughout the twenties, the same years as when US made motorcycles had their heydays, the boardtracks still roared with their stands crowded by spectators and the depression was still inconceivable. The times presented to this blogs readers trough images from "Yesterdaze" and times I picture inside my head when riding my twenties era bikes.

Reaching the thirties both Felix the cat and motorcycles popularity faded, films got sound and cars where preferred instead of motorcycles.

Even if beeing a fading star Felix where still to be a popular mascot amongst those in need of "luck", such as Charles Lindbergh the aviator and keen motorcyclist (Excelsiors) who actually had a Felix the cat figure onboard his flight across the atlantic.
US-AF`s VF-3 Hellcat Fighter planes fighting during WWII had Felix the cat as their mascot, sporting Felix stickers on their cokpits.

Riding old motorcicles is pure luck as well as we all need luck dont we, riding our old scooters in todays trafic?, hence Felix the cat on my sticker.
The bomb?, lets drop it on members of the bureaucracy and
authoritarian people in general, inattentive car drivers and whoever else deserve one!

søndag 15. mai 2011

American Motorcycles

Another cool motorcycle picture, two sweet girls on an Indian PP, 1919 or thereabouts.
Girls are Anna behind controls and sister Signe on the pad at rear. Hiding in the back grounds are one of those Thor big twins that I just love, this beeing a later model with enclosed inlet valves.
Found this pic amongst a bunch of old car pics at a vintage car site belonging to our brothers to the east, gently stole it to share at this blog.

What to do during summer 2011

We are looking forward for this one.

lørdag 14. mai 2011

American Motorcycles

Another dark blue Big X Excelsior from Schwinn. A thrusty sidecar puller, helpfull if you`ve got a large family to be carried around.


Played with Rune (and his Panhead) a couple of nights before leaving offshore to work.
Modifying back to original solo saddle with original seatpost from a chopper seat mounted directly to the frame.
Easy task, naeh sadly not, but hey mechanical challenges make better mechanics (eventually) or?

I`m wishing for a larger spaced machine shop.

Brand new seat needed to be tampered with get the seat pin lock spring to work, repop will never be as original.

Someone earlier in this old Panhead girls life rather ripped the seat lugs of the frame than modifying the cheapo chopper seat, oh well.

fredag 13. mai 2011

American Motorcycles Norway

A smiling lady and a Harley, a lucky combination. A Harley J model from 1926-27 with some interesting details. Of some unknown reason both horn and headlamp have been replaced.
A fork stabilizer is mounted on top of the front part of the fork and there is a small rod on the rear left fork leg where to fix a pennant, both parts picked from the Harley Davidson accessory catalogue.

American Motorcycles Norway

I`ve previously got a bunch of interesting photos from Knut, pics from the Levanger area in Trøndelag. Knut have recently sent me some cool photos from his own family albums. These pics are taken in 1931, showing his uncle Lars Ustads Harley and some of his close relatives.

First pic out is Lars on his Harley at local country roads near his home in Orkdal - South Trøndelag (mid Norway).
I love Lars`s biker look, his cap turned backwards to take "high" speed and motorcycle googles to keep dirt and flies out of his eyes.
His Harley, an early twenties model F magneto model with acetylene lights roundbout.
Bike seems to be well maintained, its cellulose paint shining glossy in the sun. To protect the sidecars leather upholstry Lars have added a dust gown, he obviously cared for his transport.

Second pic is taken in front of Lars`s parents farmhouse, Smiplassen wich no longer exist. A destiny shared by many other farms in Norway trough the last century.
In the sidecar is Gjertrud, on the pillion pad is Mille, to become Knuts mother, then Lars and standing on the fueltank is young Marta who is still around at god health, age 82 years young. According to Knut still milking her own cows at the farm where she is living.

The last pic is young Marta and Knuts Grand-Grand parents Lava and Ingebrigt. I love Martas toy horse. Home made, missing its two rear wheels but still her pride and joy.
What would such a toy be for kids of today?

onsdag 11. mai 2011

Ekeberg spring swap 2011

I wonder, will I ever get tired from staying up late at night on Fridays hording boxes filled with other mans (and womens) trash, by occasion brought to a swap meet rather than a dumpster place, to try too sleep in an uncomfortable tent for a couple of hours to continue this frenetic hunt for a piece of unobtainium at 06.00 in the morning, dusk, moist and cold as hell.

Well for one god reason, I dont feel as alone in beeing a parts hunting moron working with old bikes after a weekend at Ekeberg swapmeet. Other misfits like myself come from all over the country, foreigners too. Do we find any gold nuggets? Yes of course we do, always something you hardly could live without, NOT.

Below some pics to give a feel what its all about,
Øyunn at 0600 ready to start hunting?
The Norwegian Indian Club always manage collecting a crowd with their bikes, I became a member (I could feel the pressure as a 101 owner), how come owners of old Harleys dont get together like those Injun guys do?
Per`s 39 Knuck make me drool, every time.
A strange bird, Arne`s Indian Motoplane, a litle bit of this and a litle bit of that when designed?
Wonder if this cute Cocker Spaniel was for sale or just fancied the box?

onsdag 4. mai 2011

At last!!

Today was a day to be remembered.
I finnished my Henderson 1927 De-luxe this night (late late) having finally got the engine all asembled and installed in the bike (again).
This time I was a believer, as far as I new all issues with the gearbox where supposedly sorted, ready to hit the road.
Oil filled up, gas filled up, battery installed in case lights or siren would be needed
Left home afternoon, every nerve tensed by mechanical fear, will this first longer ride be a victory, a prove that man is above technology after all or am I to be ditched at a remote road up the valley where no cell phone can get you in contact with whoever have a trailer?

Long story short, my Henderson purred away for several hours, up the hills just as easey as straight ahead. Life was for sure wonderful.
I bet old Henderson was pleased, having missed traveling the roads of Southern Norway for years and years since it went to sleep back in 1949.

Went by a cafe up in the valley where motorcyclists hang out, needles to say they didnt know the Henderson.

Just as when it started getting dark at night both me and old Henderson came back home just as healty and safe as when leaving.

Spring Spring Spring

I`m far behind with updating my blog these days. Days dissapear in a haze of some wrenching and even more driving.
There are always some issues forgotten to be cared for during winter, now to be sorted in a hurry. One never seems to learn.

Have had an excelent riding weather for a couple of weeks now, very cold at nights and afternoons, temps way beyond the freezing point, still hot like He"¤¤% during the mid of the day.
Hard to dress for riding indeed, no to talk if god forbid there should be need of roadside mechanical entertainement.

I have tried to spend as many as possible of my days investegating the enormous amount of local gravel roads in the southern parts of Norway, some would say sneeking, you never now whats still hidden in that old barn, talking to older folks slowly getting conversation turned from this and that to what bikes once where around in that particualr area.
Life is a thrill, breathing is easy, weather is god and spirit is high when your old scooter bring you where ever you wanna go when ever you wanna go, and soon there will be throuth fishing too :-).