onsdag 4. mai 2011

Spring Spring Spring

I`m far behind with updating my blog these days. Days dissapear in a haze of some wrenching and even more driving.
There are always some issues forgotten to be cared for during winter, now to be sorted in a hurry. One never seems to learn.

Have had an excelent riding weather for a couple of weeks now, very cold at nights and afternoons, temps way beyond the freezing point, still hot like He"¤¤% during the mid of the day.
Hard to dress for riding indeed, no to talk if god forbid there should be need of roadside mechanical entertainement.

I have tried to spend as many as possible of my days investegating the enormous amount of local gravel roads in the southern parts of Norway, some would say sneeking, you never now whats still hidden in that old barn, talking to older folks slowly getting conversation turned from this and that to what bikes once where around in that particualr area.
Life is a thrill, breathing is easy, weather is god and spirit is high when your old scooter bring you where ever you wanna go when ever you wanna go, and soon there will be throuth fishing too :-).

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