mandag 25. april 2011

Horror !!!

Last week my god friend Oscars (PP choppers) workshop was hit by fire. Three Panheads and a special sportster, a life long collection of chopper and biker magazines, NOS parts, toolings, his biker lounge, all gone in the snap of a hour.

Guys, check your insurances, you never know.

Oscar, my thoughts are with you.

8 kommentarer:

  1. That's heart breaking - I don't know Oscar but I sure feel for him!

  2. Oscar:
    So very sad. Jim A., Tucson, AZ

  3. The house of a friend of mine went up in smoke a couple of months ago. The large house, combined workshop, storage and cellar all completely packed to the sparrs with a life long collection of Indians and all things Indian motorcycle completly vanished in just a few hours. The double horror is that he just missed to renew his insurance!

  4. Thats the worst thing Ive seen in a long while.
    Im very sorry for Oscar.

  5. that scares the shit out of me... some things cannot be covered adequetely by an insurance payout.... i feel for you Oscar

  6. Oh.. that was really cruel photos, hope his his mind will recover, and he got his insurance ok....