lørdag 28. desember 2019

"Norwegian Gold"

From down under Australia, Heavy Duty Magazine issue 167, get your back issue here; 

1925 FH two-cam indirect action, former Bjarne Wist.

Original race photos in B&W from the race track in Trondheim year 1928.


onsdag 9. oktober 2019

Bånn Gass (full throtle) 2019

Some weekends one look more forward to than others.

Bånn Gass 2019 held 14/15 Sept. at the local Speedway track is one of those one surely look forward to.
And  the expectations got honored, to the full and more.

What a Saturday, and Sunday, all those great bikes, pleased spectators, and an overall positive spirit trough out the entire arrangement.

Enjoy a small collection of captures, oh and not to forget, 15 of the 43 bikes entering the race was HD`s, how cool isn`t that?

Photos below are gently stolen from Facebook, captured by Nicki Twang, Lars Tore Tangerud and Per Sønderby Pouls.

mandag 23. september 2019


Got those cool photos from my friend #NormMcLean (check out this hash tag on Insta for cool Knuckle photos, Norm is a true Knucklehead), he sure found a thrilling location for the AMcN sticker`s.

Thanks Norm !

lørdag 31. august 2019

Summer is for riding!

Gravel roads in Eastern Norway, just as fun as down south.

Along the Fyresdal lake, heading for the annual drag race.

Ol Hans in the sun.

Snow in July is depressing!

Finally got the repop fueltanks resoldered, visiting Per on my way up the valley.


Doing a ride along the coast with Rune and his 27 J.

Kristiansand, Bredalsholmen the shipyard museum.

Hestmanden from 1911, the only surviving Nortraship vessel from the WWII.

On my way home from Lucas rally I met Tor on 54 Panhead. This 54 has been in Norway since new, came here as a gift to a young lad, a gift from his aunt in the US!!

An evening ride with Grunde and his 49 Panhead.

fredag 30. august 2019

Hawgs meet - Toten

July, spent time in Eastern Norway at Øyunns cottage. As I had brought my WL bobber along I had the opportunity to go to Hawgs summer party, held at one of their club locations at Toten.

We all met at Malte`s place and drove from there to Toten in one large group of old Hog`s.  What a great group of the best people around and their machines. A total of 12 bikes, including seven 37 models, one E and six W`s all old Norwegian machines!!

Got the opportunity to ride many  roads I never rode before and whow some had a great scenery.

4 off 37`s, all sold new in Norway.

Evens Cuba girl! She is quite a hot one - with loads of temper.

Sigurds 37 W, "Storside" and Gunnars SPORTY 37 W

RBB`s lend-lease DL

My WL bob-job

2 x Ron and Even

Ronald, a well dressed gentleman

Kim`s 37 E

Olav arrives late on 37 U

Vegard, "da Boss" and Kim