lørdag 31. august 2019

Summer is for riding!

Gravel roads in Eastern Norway, just as fun as down south.

Along the Fyresdal lake, heading for the annual drag race.

Ol Hans in the sun.

Snow in July is depressing!

Finally got the repop fueltanks resoldered, visiting Per on my way up the valley.


Doing a ride along the coast with Rune and his 27 J.

Kristiansand, Bredalsholmen the shipyard museum.

Hestmanden from 1911, the only surviving Nortraship vessel from the WWII.

On my way home from Lucas rally I met Tor on 54 Panhead. This 54 has been in Norway since new, came here as a gift to a young lad, a gift from his aunt in the US!!

An evening ride with Grunde and his 49 Panhead.

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