fredag 30. august 2019

Hawgs meet - Toten

July, spent time in Eastern Norway at Øyunns cottage. As I had brought my WL bobber along I had the opportunity to go to Hawgs summer party, held at one of their club locations at Toten.

We all met at Malte`s place and drove from there to Toten in one large group of old Hog`s.  What a great group of the best people around and their machines. A total of 12 bikes, including seven 37 models, one E and six W`s all old Norwegian machines!!

Got the opportunity to ride many  roads I never rode before and whow some had a great scenery.

4 off 37`s, all sold new in Norway.

Evens Cuba girl! She is quite a hot one - with loads of temper.

Sigurds 37 W, "Storside" and Gunnars SPORTY 37 W

RBB`s lend-lease DL

My WL bob-job

2 x Ron and Even

Ronald, a well dressed gentleman

Kim`s 37 E

Olav arrives late on 37 U

Vegard, "da Boss" and Kim

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