tirsdag 19. mai 2015

AMK spring meet at Frolands Verk

Imagine, a local event for old cars and bikes came up and the weather was nice!
For sure not have May been bothered with to much of neither sunshine nor heat, but at least the sun was present during my 1 hour ride to Froland verk where AMK Aust Agder had a one day presentation of their vehicles for the audience.
I feel quite confident more people than me was getting a rush from the sun, have never seen so many people at a local event ever.
Nice people, great day and a great ride both ways.

Bessie had to park with the "ordinary" bikes.

Villy and daughter came by their beautifully restored Zundapp KS 750.

Local heroes and a Danish Nimb.

A Classic Honda (OK they actually are quite classy) and one scooter from "The Rivals" gang.

Svein`s 28 JD, they are a winning team.


Skirted Chief.

Stationary engines are newer wrong, those where runners.

Rare one with wheels mounted, most here was on a sledge moved by a horse.

Better safe than sorry, keep some extra fuel. this was a Cleveland car, a rare one.

20ìes department.
Seldom to see such a bunch of twenties cars in one place, its mostly less interesting fifties US cars, imported ones in the later years. The cars below was common on the Norwegian roads back in the day.

Riley headed Ford A, ensure some extra power.

AMK spring meet Kristiansand

The local AMK branch run a one day event early May every year to start the season. This one came with hail storm clouds and some hails too. On my way home I got into some really nasty hail storms, Arghh!


Very few "old" cars, but here are a few of those present.

Not to many old bikes neither, but at least a few other than Bessie arrived, as this thirties Ariel Red Hunter and his little brother WN-G, an ex army bike supplied in huge numbers after the world to the Norwegian forces as a part of the Marshal plan.

AMCA European chapter meet in Raalte (Holland)

As usual, I`m behind schedule with blog updates. Not that its that much going on, but hey there is some!
Here are a few of the umpteen pics we took during our 4 day stay in Raalte (Holland) to visit our first meet organized by the European  AMCA chapter.
This long weekend was a great experience. A fantastic location close to the "American Motorcycle Museum" owned by Max and organized by himself and his friend Rob. We meet a bunch of friendly and dedicated guys and gals, some of whom we know from before, and several new.
The amount of bikes present, both at the museum and those owned by the participants at the meet was overwhelming, I have tried to present a few in this blog post.

Here are a two links to the www that I think presents the museum very well, its worth a visit if your nearby:

The location.

Finnish "Fiskis" and friend was out for a spin at the parking lot when we first came to the location.

Still one day ahead of the start, some people start to rig up.

An original paint Flying Merkle, sigh!

The Finnish corner.

One of the swap meet streets taking shape.

Polish vendors.


In Max and Robs "all for sale dept. Impressing!

Rob, the cashier and Max in the "all for sale" dept.

Shelves with Henderson parts.

Bikes start to arrive, some ridden, some by trailer.

Pelders had a sales stand.

Paulie aka Magnetozoo rode all the way from Gothenburg, impressing.

Below some bike shots taken during the weekend.

Norbert, one of the Harleysons from Germany and his last build, a frightening 37 Knuckle dragster.

Paul and Norbert`s 37 Knuckles, quite different in style.

Two beautiful Henderson KJ`s.

Steve Slocombe aka VL Heaven from UK showed up three of his Police VL`s.

This Excelsior was stunning.

Our French friend Olivier, he is a KnuckleJunkie! Here admiring the Norwegian AMCA representative`s low membership number.

Thomas, aka Americancycles showed up with his super Super X.

Cool sticker spotted on the Danish 48 Panhead.

Two of our Danish friends. Søren arriving by Knuckle, Villy on his 39 side valve.

Da boss Øyunn admiring a 09 HD.

Paul and Norbert enjoying the W&W Havana cigars.

Can there be to many pics of Paul`s 37 Knuck?

Sørens 37 Knuck, its a runner, more than 300000km`s should prove that?

To pics of one of my favorite Harleys, Harry Hacker`s famous 8 valve two cam.

Swiss 47 Knuckles.

Another famous bike, the German Canonball Henderson. Andreas the owner had ridden an entire day to come to the meet, of course by Henderson.


Friday night.

Ferdy`s 28 two cam bob job.

Da boss ready for the AMCA Friday party.

Original paint.

Fork details, Ferdy`s bobbed two cam HD.

Smith Motor wheel.

A true beast!

Three wheelers.

The AMCA judges, thing start getting serious!

Ferdy starting his two cam for me to hear the growl of the engine!

Original paint PP.

Andreas 39 Knuckle, they of course rode from Germany.

Another view of the Dutch PP.

The Danes share their "Gammel Dansk" with two frosty Norwegians in the attic of the "American Motorcycle Museum".

Yes I know, they had Acetylene lights back then.
Below a bunch of pics from the museum.

Yes, yes its a Cleveland four, its only a chassis away from being a complete runner.

This old Indian was once ridden across the US by a 10 year old boy, no wonder they had to alter the seat height.

Paulie, Rowan and Olivier.

Ferdy taking off on the two cam bobber, not a bad ride for a gentleman who have passed 80.

Above some pictures from the Saturday evening banquet.
Below some happy price winners.




Fiskis and friend.

Hope to be back in Raalte in 2016!