tirsdag 5. mai 2015

Success, finally success!!

It's running, be damned it's running, finally.
Today is a great day, my friend Runes 1927 J model is finally running, and its running great.
If you have been by here before you might remember this was a bike Rune bought with what was supposed to be an overhauled engine, NOT!
Now, many kroner`s later and a bunch of hours its running as supposed to when it left the factory in Milwaukee back in 27. So what have we done with this "overhauled" engine to get it running?
A welded front cylinder (it was cracked), all new valves and valve guides, refurbished exhaust valve seats, new inlet valve pockets from Competition Distr. that have been carefully lapped to fit the cylinders, new inlet rocker arms with home made guides and bolts, new inlet pushrod ends, new inlet valve housing nuts, all new valve springs, all new seals for inlet manifold, a DLX carb that is now overhauled, we got that from the Halvtopp lads in Stockholm - thanks by the way, Toyota ignition points and a totally overhauled ignition point housing, and most off all a carefully assembled engine to ensure the pressure test of the inlet showed a satisfying result.
Its as simple as this with any engine, no vacuum in the inlet system, no gas is sucked and there is no explosion (most likely the engine lack compression too), hence the engine want run, period, end of story.
Am I pissed, yes.

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