onsdag 19. juni 2013

Rear mudflap for Bessie

The last few days prior to our departure for the castle run was hectic, to say the least.
In the evening the day before I was to strap on my luggage on o`l Bessie I realized I hadn`t yet made a mudflap for her rear! This had been on my plan for a long time, but when there is no time, and yeah you know.
OK, no time to loose.
I had been looking for stainless leather trim letters, as those once sold by Harley, Buco and more (to personalize a kidney belt with your name and such) on e-bay for quite a while, no success so far.
So what to do to get stainless letters, uhhm?

The laptop was the first tool required and of course Word. Then I found the correct style letters, wrote BESSIE in the biggest size available, printed and scanned the print to increase the letters to the desired 1" height.
Used glue stick (or whatever at hand) to ensure the letters stuck to a stainless steel plate of ,5 mm thickness (and do not forget to add two tabs to each letter, they will come handy when its time to stick them to the flap).
Then I drilled holes as close to the letters and as many as I dared, opened the pouch where my Nicholson needle files are kept.
And then I started to file, a lot of filing and better be steady on your hand!
Just 4-5 hours later I had 6 letters, BESSIE.
Made the mudflap template, ran off to the local saddle maker to get him to roll out a piece of 1/4" thick leather of the best quality, cut according to template. Ran back home and found some old Buco dots and jewels (from Easy Russ they are), carefully cut holes for the lot, mounted and bent the tabs and voila I had put a lot of personality to the o`l Pan when finished at ten past 3 in the morning.

tirsdag 18. juni 2013

Pics from Yesterdaze

Another great photo from yeasterdaze for your viewing pleasure. A bunch of young people and their motorbikes on the ice in Eastern Sweden.
Two Harleys with sidecar among three smaller European bikes. Wonder why the sidecar body is removed from the hack at far right?

mandag 17. juni 2013

Barry`s Henderson De-luxe

Barry is another true vintage motorcycle user that I've learned to know through the www.
Many years ago I had a wanted ad on Georges Antique Motorcycle Trader, I was so desperately keen on owning one of the stylish Harley racing jersey`s that I had seen the Rakkestad Harley 45" mob were using at the Ekeberg jumble.

The ad at Georges gave no response, and since long had I forgotten my ad.

That was until months later when I all of a sudden got an e-mail from Canada. Barry that was, had been looking back trough the wanted ads and seen my request.
He had a jersey for me (actually two), one that is still used when I take a spin on any of my ol Hog`s, though now with new arms sewn on when the old ones came to an end.

Barry have a bunch of great motorcycles that I have no problem to say I admire him for. Better still, they are not kept inside a ventilated box, nope, they are used and abused on the gravel roads that surround the old mill where they are kept.

As we both have the pleasure to own Henderson`s De-luxe model, I find it cool to be able to present some pictures of Barry`s Henderson sidecar outfit on this blog.
His "other brand" four seems to have sneak itself into one picture, this I dont mind at all, hopefully neither do you.

"Other brand four"

This is a bike off such great interest, need to be a post on this one only at some time in the future.
When did you see a thirties Harley VL with Koslow heads last?

lørdag 15. juni 2013

Pics from yesterdaze

OK, I need to get posted more of them ol photos, yes I know I do.

Here is one very cool image (gently stolen elsewhere on the www) that is a capture showing one of the few Scandinavian Militoires that where sold by Dane; Bohnstedt Pedersen whom we know from previous posts.

My last score is I found some periodic Norwegian advertising for this oddball marque, did they ever sell one here???
Oh I wish I knew, not to forget ever found the remains of one.

Another -39 W

OK, I have had my -39 W 45" (750cc) for several years now and have never heard of any other Norwegian 45"`s (750CC`s) from this year during this period of time. There are a few -38`s and several -37`s, but -39`s, nope, none other, nada else than one OHV that is well known.
Until recently when I learned to know Thomas in Stavanger who indeed had a -39 himself. One that he had owned since the seventies when bought in Western Norway at Sunndalsøra where it had served as transportation for a postman.
The bike had been in service from 1939 until 1961 and Thomas started using the bike in the mid eighties and still does. Did not get many years rest that old W did it?

If by chance anyone from the Sunndalsøra area come by this blog and have heard of this bike, let me know.

I had hoped mine W and this would have been closer to each other in engine numbers, tough not even close at all. Strange as I would have thought Sørensen and Balchen bought bikes early in the season in bulk, not one by one?

søndag 9. juni 2013

Harley racing at the Kala track

Last Saturday it was time for the annual spring race at Kala race track, that is one great event. I know as I`ve been there before.
Could I visit the Rakkestad mob at their home ground this spring?, nope unfortunately not. I was at home with the grand kids, which after all is a great substitute to the KALA event.

Kim and Ronald sent me some shots from the race, I post them here for you and me to enjoy.

onsdag 5. juni 2013

Castle Run 2013

Finally got all pics up in the Castle Run 2013 post!

mandag 3. juni 2013

New Kid in town

Erik came by my place just before I left for the Castle Run, well its this Panhead for sale at Finn.no he explained. As his 45 projects are still, ah in the blue ? he wanted a bike to ride.
When I learned what bike he talked about I said, run and buy! And so he did.

This Panhead is a former Islandic Police bike that was restored in Norway like 10-15 years ago.
Its been for sale at several occasions trough the last couple of years, of some odd reason its not been sold, even at a fair price????

Now its with Erik, he aint afraid of using his Panhead and I look forward to future rides.

søndag 2. juni 2013

Looking back at May & The Castle Run

I am actually sitting down at the moment, in a chair in front of the computer. Have not been to much time for that in the month that have passed.
Bessie let me down on her first ride, those coming by this blog regularly will remember.

To get her back up running involved some good help, Swede and master mechanic Anders Karling made me new inlet valves and a local company working with engine building repaired my valve seats and inlet guides.
Why the inlet valve on the rear cyl scored in its guide was more complicated than just a tight fit. The main reason for this was due to a pair of rocker arms with a geometry not matching the criteria.
Will get back to how I solved this in a later post.

How the postal system manage to use a month in carrying a pair of head gaskets from Holland to Norway is one of those mysteries we will never understand.
Luckily I found gaskets with a local Harley supplier, Twin Thunder in Lyngdal the former Norwegian Harley importer.

There was desperation in the air when I finally had Bessie all back in one piece, only three days before the ferry I was booked were to leave for Denmark and the Castle run.
Managed to get ridden some 200km`s before entering the ferry port at Kristiansand harbour, not much time to learn Bessies whims.
Leaving ol Norway in god weather was; signed and my better half Øyunn on her trusty Beemer and Peggy on her chopped Sportster (now wit a luggage rack and a front mudguard that would be appreciated on the trip).
Having spent two and a half hour eating breakfast on the ferry we arrived in Hirtsals - Denmark. IT rained, pouring down, a rain whose strength took biblical proportions, we only missed Noa`s Ark and the scene would have been complete. And it rained like this for a steady 400km`s all the way down to Copenhagen where we would start our journey by visiting James the fame from Jamesville, the Killer Bobbers gang, their friends and the Dice issue 50 release party to be held at Motorius.
When entering the city limits of Cph the rain started taking its toll on both riders and machines, Bessie was reluctant in being a two cylindered machine if rev`s came below crescendo level, not too easy with no sight and traffic lights at every corner. Solved this by paying a local taxi driver to lead us to Motorius`s locations. When I asked the driver to buy his dry socks he was more reluctant, a shame I really needed them socks (got Jakob Ole`s later in the evening, thanks mate).
To arrive at Motorius was as getting home, Lau and Kasper, bikes, parts, atmosphere, friends you didnt even know you had, old friends came by, a place under roof to park our bikes and location for soaked motorcycle gear.
All off a sudden we had passed midnight with more than a hour talking and drinking when we finally got to our hotel in walking distance from Engehave vej - Cph, the most biker friendly place ever for anyone interested in old motorcycles in general and old US made cicles in particular.

Thursday, great weather, what a relief for exhausted motorcycle riders.
Started the day getting served an excelent breakfast by Kim in the workshop he share with his mates. Kim is well known of those that have been following the biker scene on the www for many years as he toured Japan and US on his bobbed Nimbus. Another person of certain bike fame sharing the garage with Kim is Mads the creator of Alma 4, now building a Big Bertha engined Super X from drawings only.
Having finished the breakfast at Kims place we walked by most of the Killer bobbers workshops under his guidance. All garages showed up with hectic activity, obviously there were still issues to be solved prior to their leave for the Castle run.
Spent the rest of Thursday morning with Bessie, dried out her coil, spark plug cables and changed oil on the engine. Thanks a lot for being allowed to wrench in the Motorius garage.
The Dice issue 50 release party!
And what a party, held in Motorius brick layered back yard where green leafs made a natural roof over the scene. Rockabilly music with Hammond organs and Leslie speakers, beer served from the garage and a crowd of friendly people steadily growing from 12 noon to well after midnight.
Thanks to all, making this event to such a great party.
Friday, the ride out!
We were supposed to gather at Motorius to ride out for the Castle run at 1200. The road captain Jakob Ole delayed the departure to 1 o`clock, a wise act.
The waiting time we spent at Allan & Jakob Oles Coffe-shop, what a great job they did in creating this place.
A crowd of approx. 50 bikes split the Cph. traffic heading for the highway to get us out of town, cool. 
The ride down to Krenkerup at Lolland where the castle is located took some three hours including gas and food at organized stops.
Arriving at the castle we were greeted by Patrick at the gates, Patrick being the only one I know that can state “my home is my castle”, and it`s true!

All bikes were parked at a green field next to the stables, which was transformed to dance hall, restaurant and more. Krenkerup`s own beer was served and we jumped right on to a pint of “Høst” to chill down. Got the tent raised at the camp behind the stables and Friday went by in a haze, talking and checking out bikes, an excellent dinner served and all accompanied by great music and Krenkerup`s beer.

Saturday morning, rain but we could see the better coming.

While enjoying the breakfast and tea we could see weather change and in time for the ride out to investigate Krenkerups surroundings sun was back on. The ride out started as a slow ride at small roads, even loads of curves (didn’t know they existed in Denmark), the slow ride was soon to change its phase and my mind got me to think of another island frequently visited by bikes at speed, this one in Ireland tough.
A Knucklehead well dug into the dirt in a field (it didn’t manage the curve) brought the speed back to decent levels and we did all arrive back to the castle in one piece to see more bikes and people arrive.
To summarize Saturday;
More great meals, beer, talking to old and new friends, cheking out bikes, music and more alike. Thanks to Patrick, James and their staff off helpers for gathering such a great bunch of lads and girls from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, US, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Germany and any whom I might have forgotten.

Names, I`m hopeless with such but I mention some from the top of my head;

Allan, Niklas, Martin, Morten, Jakob Ole, James, Paulie, Rowan,, Renshaw the Sinners; Totte and Per, Dean and his great dad, Lau, Kasper, Karsten, Jimmy, Gareth and Bedwer, Cay, Lee Beef, Greasy and many many more.
Time for wake up clock, had to leave before breakfast to get the ferry from Lolland to main land. As our ferry back to Norway was due to leave afternoon we had no time to spill. But faith is not always fare to the winning team. All off a sudden Peggy and her Sportster was out of my mirror just when riding onto the highway E45 in Middelfart. Damned, had to ride a couple of km`s to find a safe place to stop to wait for her calling. Having got her call I had to lend Øyunns Beemer to rescue her, my main tool brought beeing a pair of Danish pliers gently lent by a Danish panhead owner from nearby Fredrikshavn (you will get them back, true). Peggy`s gear shifter had broken off and was off no use. Got the Sporty set in fourth by means of the pliers and with some additional clutch wear she rode the following 300 Km`s in one gear. We missed the ferry tough, not due to old Bessie but rather the new Harley in the team. I did hear a hum hum from Bessie when riding the Higway north, the old ones might not be the worst after all!!
Luckily we managed to get on to another ferry later in the evening and we were home early in the morning Monday, exhausted of joy and a 1000 Km`s ride. The human brain is funny, the rain is now forgotten, as is the technical mishaps. All there is left is great memories from Cph. and Castle run 2013.

Da photos!
I`ve had a hard time selecting photos able to tell what a great time we had on Our trip to the Castle run, here is bunch.

Our ride down;

Breakfast at Kim`s and friends Place;

Tour by the Killer bobber`s garage`s & Jamesville;


Engehave Cafe;

Dice party;

Ride out from Motorius;

Castle Run 2013;


There should or could have been so many more pics from this great event, still those shown do tell what Castle Run 2013 was all about, friendship & motorcycles!