lørdag 26. april 2014

Its spring, and RIDING weather!

Man o`man, life is great when the sun is high during spring.
The air is so bright, still no leaves on the trees and visibility is so great compared to summer when all is green.
When riding in the countryside along a river, feel the cold air from the melting water from the mountains.
I like spring, being born again, every spring is as born again when you ride a motorcycle.

During April there have been many miles on Bessie, seems like she is my favored  companion until now this season.

Below some samples from April rides. Look forward for tomorrow, the forecast is another sunny day!!!

Me and my buddy Odd going West for Mandal.

Two 40ìes vehicles, one survived the other most likely dont.

Such wrecks along the road get rarer and rarer for every year, you have to go gravel roads to find them now.

Da-boss Øyunn and her Beemer dont mind gravel roads.

Up the valley, still plenty of snow where there is shadows.

More modifications to Runes 1927 J

There is still progress on Runes 1927 J HD (yes the 99% done one!!) to get it ready for the Trondhjemsridtet.
The original contact points are crap, better get rid of them.
Replaced the original ignition points with a Bosch unit made for Toyota cars, an easy task and the outcome works great.
I did this to my 27 JD some 20 years ago, never had any problem since.

lørdag 5. april 2014

Another photo of Herman and a Henderson

I think Herman and his Hendersons is the most featured guy in the AMcN "Pics from yesterdaze".
No wonder.
From my studies I find he must have been quite a personality, and he was totally lost into Hendersons and owned many of them through the years.
I consider Herman as my Henderson mentor even if he had passed away many many years before I got my De-luxe, it is like if I know him trough all my photos.
When I in June ride my Henderson in the Trondhjemsridtet I will keep in mind Herman did the same thing several times, on Hendersons.
Could he, I will too.

Above is a cut from what I find a damned cool photo, taken at a local race in Drammen where they raced at the horse race track.

There are so many cool details in this clip, in example the special roadster handlebar on the Henderson. WHY dont anyone repop those, I would love to own  handlebars like this on my bike.

Then there is the chopped front mudguard and the beautifully enameled NMK club logo on the handlebar, unfortunately partly hidden behind the ball horn, and there is also one winged wheel from the Swedish SMK, a sister organisation of NMK.

I DO really really want to get hold of one such winged wheel from SMK, anyone got a spare to share, shoot me an e-mail!

Another cool detail is the monkey that is keeping a firm grip to the headlamp rods on the Harley next to Herman. Such good luck talismans was so popular on any motorbike in the twenties.

A-1759, OK we know its a Harley. The observant reader should by now know who this bike belongs to, if anyone know let me have an answer and I might post the entire capture, maybe.
This guy not seen is a hero for quite a few of those into the "other brand" bikes, the red ones.

torsdag 3. april 2014

No rule without exceptions!

For some months ago I got this email from a guy named Espen. He wrote to tell me his grandfather was a motorcycle racer, dealer, pilot (Norwegian champion in speed flights), athletic champion, and a pretty famous boxing champ. This all took place in the late twenties and early thirties, until he unfortunately died far too early at the age of 34.
His name was Erling Gran Henriksen.

Erling was a keen Ariel enthusiast as well as retailer, and now we are getting closer to the exception mentioned in the header, we will talk about "other" motorcycles than US made ones on this blog.

As an advertsing stunt to prove Ariels reliability, Erling with the help of three friends managed to ride and carry the Ariel from Gjendesheim to Memurubu, this is crossing the Besseggen mountains, this most of us would not consider doing by foot.

Enjoy one great picture from this adventure.

Always lack of space!

For any gearhead there is always a space issue. Space, there is never enough, particularly not for those long term projects where a motor might need several square feet of your work bench, in many years.


I should better get going to try to complete some off this crap bikes and ride the others, not sit here complaining.
I`m sure I will feel better when I can open the gates and let the sun shine in the room.

onsdag 2. april 2014

Pics from yeasterdaze!

Girls and a motorcycle!
The best of two worlds.
These two beauties poses with a Harley combination belonging to a relative, no doubt they would like to go for a ride.