lørdag 26. april 2014

Its spring, and RIDING weather!

Man o`man, life is great when the sun is high during spring.
The air is so bright, still no leaves on the trees and visibility is so great compared to summer when all is green.
When riding in the countryside along a river, feel the cold air from the melting water from the mountains.
I like spring, being born again, every spring is as born again when you ride a motorcycle.

During April there have been many miles on Bessie, seems like she is my favored  companion until now this season.

Below some samples from April rides. Look forward for tomorrow, the forecast is another sunny day!!!

Me and my buddy Odd going West for Mandal.

Two 40ìes vehicles, one survived the other most likely dont.

Such wrecks along the road get rarer and rarer for every year, you have to go gravel roads to find them now.

Da-boss Øyunn and her Beemer dont mind gravel roads.

Up the valley, still plenty of snow where there is shadows.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Finally enjoying some nice weather days here in PA as well!

  2. Jeff, good to hear weather is playing nice with you. Here have been great for 14 days now, but cooold during nights, like 4 below (C that is) this night.

    Sverre & Øyunn