fredag 29. juli 2011

Start No. 33A

Having known Jeff aka Knucklebuster from the blogspot sphere for quite a while and since long enjoyed his blog I had looked forward to meet this guy celebrating christmas with knuck engines under the the green tree.
Its always great meeting others more old bike crazy than one self :-)

We ran into each other early Thursday evening and I was able to check out Jeffs latest purchase, a totally crazy HD 45" hillclimber and a truck load of race memories like race scrap books and other from the bikes previous owner. What a score, and what luck this is all now beeing seriously taken care of for the future in Jeffs collection.

At Fridays race we stayed in the pits and there is nothing like it.
Some pics off Jeff and 33A in action at the Fulton county race track

Some of the handsome girls & guys we met at Wauseon 2011

Ok, I`m sure there are some that Øyunn didnt catch with her camera (like Rob Mr. Henderson Olsen and Girard) but she really tried to get ya all.
Bill & me, Jeff aka Knucklebuster and John the X man & me, Easy Russ & Bill, Steve the ace Super X restorer, Tom & Lori from Faber cycle, Roadweasel, Ron that have helped me with many Panhead parts, our German friends Paul and Fritz with race legend Al Knapp, Mr. crazy Henderson Frank, Cyclone Bob w. sons Paul Fritz Zdenek and Øyunn, Dave Molnar ace Henderson mechanic , Gary the "hanson sports shield" man, Mike when getting a parcel from overseas, Panhead Paul the tailgunner man, the Walkslers, Napariala aka speedo-rat, Dave explaining his plans for an Anzani powered motorbike, Roscoe the race man , Sheila with her beloved Beemer and finally Big Jesus w. team mates.

Wauseon AMCA meet, celebrating the Henderson & more

Finally back home from the US having been overseas for almost two weeks. What a great time we had at Wauseon thanks to a well organised meet at a great location and the bunch of friendly guys and girls we spent our time with whilst there.
Some friends whom we knew from before, some we knew from the internet and many new we learned to know trough the weekend.

I brought a long list of names whom I where to meet at various locations to shake hands and / or get parts, I managed to see everyone on that list.
Arriving Thursday early afternoon was great, lots of vendors, bikes and campers allready on the scene.
We soon found our friends from the Roadweasels, those guys and girls are the nicest people.
Running into Fritz and Paul Thursday evening was great too, we always appreciate their company.
Getting together with the Henderson owners was another great experience that started Thursday and kept on trough the entire weekend. It`s great talking to all those experienced guys working with Hendersons, next time I need to bring a tape recorder to be able to memorise it all.

Friday was race day, we spent that in the pits with our new friend Jeff aka "Mr. Knucklebuster". We did our best in transfering our positive vibrations for Jeff to gain success when racing his 45" HD in the handshifter class. He is the one to tell if we succeeded.

Beeing able to take Dave`s super hot 28 Henderson De-luxe for a spin needs to be mentioned, what a bike and this is getting used, for real. I normally dont borrow a bike, this one I could not resist.

Saturday was swapmeet day and more talk, talk, talk. To become familiar with Al Knapp at age 88, a true American Racer and a legend from the fourties and fifities when roaring the tracks with his WR`s was unforgettable. Listening to his tales from inside the factory race department was like a travel in time, for real.
Thanks a lot to Fritz for letting me come along.

The swapmeet was huge, more than 500 vendors its amazing. As a positive change from our local swapmeets there are none of the baloon & candy sellers, not a single one. Motorcycle parts or related only. I had no chance ever in getting trough the vast number of stuff for sale, running into far to much peoples to catch up with.

Sunday was some more swapmeet, you never know do you? Then time to say god bye and we allready started looking forward to next time, maybe Oley in Pa?

Øyunn beeing the AMcN photographer took such a huge number of great photos its hard to pick the best ones for my blog. I will at least give it a try.

tirsdag 19. juli 2011

Wauseon aftermath

Trying to get back to earth at Niagara Falls having spent four days at Wauseon, a motorcycle marathon.
Loads of great guys and girls, never seen before motorcicles, old friends and new friends, race action, swapmeet with more than 500 vendors and so the story goes.

Wait for more to come.

onsdag 6. juli 2011

Back shore

I`ve got my ol feets back on steady ground, will not even consider leaving the rig a thought the entire leave. Got a nice ride with my thrusty 45" bobber today, day started with pissing rain but turned out with sun getting close to evening. Went up the valleys as I realised this was first Wednesday in July, and I have now finally learned that a lot of local bike owners meet every first Wednesday in the month at a remote Cafe an hours drive from Kristiansand (nearby town). I soon got behind some modern Jap bikes whoms speed didnt impress me much. OK, as normal they suddenly became aware of my existence behind, most likely because of my wide open exhaust rather than by looking in the mirror.
Common thought is; OK better get away from this old bike moron, NOT.
I`m childish, I easily admit to, but there is nothing like stepping the tail on some Japanese bike owners trying to go fast on the narrow curvy roads up the valley, I LOVE THAT!!
Drove for a couple of hours, stopping at a small lake to have a swim before reaching back home, life is not to bad after all.

A couple of weeks ago having just parked my Henderson after an evening spin this Car stopped by my fence.
old guy came over and asked if my bike was a Henderson. OK, this guy know a Henderson from a Tempo! My antennas started to extend.
Turned out this chap rode Indians in his youth and he had lot of knowledge in what bikes had been where during the 50-60`s in my area.
Talked on my interest in photos of old bikes and he went home to fetch an Indian photo from back then, cool.
What is even more interesting is I know where this Army Scout is resting, waiting for a new start whenever its owner trough the last 40 years realise he will never breath life to it. We can wait, we are even god at it.

søndag 3. juli 2011

Oddball engine

Found a couple of pics from a few years back when looking for some other images in the deep of my hard disk. Found this oddball V-twin (actually I found two) at the country side an hours drive from where I live. This was even one of this rare occasions where I was given the old scrap.
Carried them with me to a swapmeet mostly to see if anyone would recognise the make of those oddbal V-twin. To my surprise there was one foreign guy that did, they are now back in the country where they once where made, hopefully to be part of a running bike.