fredag 29. juli 2011

Some of the handsome girls & guys we met at Wauseon 2011

Ok, I`m sure there are some that Øyunn didnt catch with her camera (like Rob Mr. Henderson Olsen and Girard) but she really tried to get ya all.
Bill & me, Jeff aka Knucklebuster and John the X man & me, Easy Russ & Bill, Steve the ace Super X restorer, Tom & Lori from Faber cycle, Roadweasel, Ron that have helped me with many Panhead parts, our German friends Paul and Fritz with race legend Al Knapp, Mr. crazy Henderson Frank, Cyclone Bob w. sons Paul Fritz Zdenek and Øyunn, Dave Molnar ace Henderson mechanic , Gary the "hanson sports shield" man, Mike when getting a parcel from overseas, Panhead Paul the tailgunner man, the Walkslers, Napariala aka speedo-rat, Dave explaining his plans for an Anzani powered motorbike, Roscoe the race man , Sheila with her beloved Beemer and finally Big Jesus w. team mates.

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