mandag 29. april 2019

Three lucky fellas on their bikes. The chap in the middle picked a small but fast bike, an OHV Harley peashooter.

Mom and what ought to be twin daughters posing on pops Thor big twin.

Well dressed young motorist`s on an early Indian Power Plus.

An early 61" / 1000cc Harley Davidson magneto model.

fredag 26. april 2019

Evil Eye Cherry go public!

Last year during autumn I got visit from a new Norwegian Car / Motorcycle magazine - "Cruiser". This is a publication run by one man, Ole Nybakken who have done a great job and managed to keep his baby afloat for more than three years now.
Ole wanted to include a couple of my rides in his magazine, first out my WL bob job, "Evil Eye Cherry", I feel he did well with his presentation?

On the front page!

mandag 22. april 2019

Harley`s and sidecars.

So, last week - as if I didnt know better, I got myself an other old Harley Davidson. This one with a sidecar. The whole lot is a project, that is for sure, but still it have made me dream, hence this post with sidecar outfit photos from yesterdaze.

New toy!

Yes I know some of those photos might have been posted before, I lost track a long time ago, sorry for that.