onsdag 14. november 2018

Summer memories!

Summer in South and Eastern Norway was nothing less than exceptional this year. Except from the fact that the farmers suffered from the lack of rain, anyone interested in riding an old hog had a big smile in their face for months, YES months.
Wonder if I will ever see anything like this again?

Below is a selection of pics from some of this summers rides, blue skies and sun!!!

Doing Telemark

Dølemo, waiting for Erik & Halvor

The "secret" spot!

View at the "secret" spot, no houses, no cottages, no people, no fu"#k nothing, those places and moments are rare these days.

Ready for dinner.

Erik, Odd & Halvor.

Time to cool down, well problem is the water is to damned hot.

Rune & Pan

Grunde & Pan

Eat dust


Wednesday ride out

My old WL feeling uncomfortable with his modern style relatives.
Various rides

Out for another swim by WL bob job

Far away from home with my 39 EL, visiting Ola to talk HD halvtopp

Evening spin with Øyunn, view from Loland

Love that green color of the field


Riding the narrow paths along the coast

Villy, Cay, Svein, Rune and Peder

Cays Chief and Villys Zundapp at Brekkestø

Runes pan

Riding gravel roads when heading back



Time for another bath

Svein cooling down

Finally the "Muroc Special" is done and got its licence plate


Out riding in Iveland

Thirsty for gas

Hawgs meet at Toten

Wl and U in the back

47 EL

Kim`s 37 EL
Touring around lake Mjøsa

Minnesund, whow those who made this riveted steel bridge some 100 years ago where real craftsmen

Øyunn and locals in the back

Looking down at Mjøsa

Mjøsa in the back
Out for a spin with the brothers

Now we are talking, really narrow roads

OK, we will continue

Across the river, on by one this time

Sidecar Thursday, Pictures from Yesterdaze!

Time to share some more pictures from yesterdays motorcycle scene. Back in the days many preferred a sidecar combination to get family, friends and whatever else they needed to be carried along with them. Pictures below give us an idea of what roads in rural Norway looked like 90 - 100 years ago.