onsdag 20. desember 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It is that time of the year again, enough said!

tirsdag 12. desember 2017

Pics from yesterdaze

It is due time to post some more of those great photos from "yesterdaze" motorcycle life. Enjoy!

E654, this Indian have been posted in "Pic`s from yesterdaze" before, then with a gal on the back seat. I enjoy the expression in the kid`s face, he clearly want a motorbike himself!

Guess if this is one lucky fella, his pal on the back seat. 

F250, one mighty Thor. Those Thor`s were a popular choise in the early years of Norwegian motorcycling.

This is a great picture, two younger riders pose standing on their bikes, to the left an Excelsior from Schwinn, to the right another mighty Thor.

Ice-racing in Trondheim, this is what looks as if a brand new Harley, the paint is all glossy. Will that last, most likely not if it is going to be used for racing.

I really enjoy this photo, very clear and both bike and rider looks very good. H1629, a 1925 Harley Davidson model J or JD. Hard to tell displacement when bike is seen from the left side.

lørdag 9. desember 2017

I think I am in love!

This is "Dixie", I am in love!

I posted another pic of her years ago, this I first learned to know from Cris Sommer-Simmons book "the American Motorcycle girls".

OK, reposting the "other" pic dont hurt.

lørdag 2. desember 2017

What is next?

I feel quite uneasy this fall, no major projects, and just some minor rebuilds / repairs / modifications that ought to be done until next spring on my already done HD`s.

I consider starting up a project that have slept for years, a 1921 Harley Davidson road racer replica.

tirsdag 28. november 2017

What it takes!

Made this jig to bend the stainless tubing to make a luggage rack for my Knuckle head.

Tube bending jig and bending tool.

Tube installed in jig.

Bending the 12mm tubing as if made of butter.

Tubing is done in the jig, then its just to make another one.

Tubing ends x 4.


Mudguard mounts, 1`st stage.

Testing the mudguard mounts.

Original Buco jewels from Easy Russ, I think I`m addicted. Make the mudguard mounts look quite fancy?

lørdag 28. oktober 2017

Otto Walker hits 4 world records in one weekend at Fresno Speedway in 1921

Mrs Walker making the final adjustments on her husbands two-cam before the race.

søndag 24. september 2017

Cutdown, first time out!

Looking good with the Carmen Werk steering brake.

From now named "The Muroc Special"

Bånn Gass #1 , classic motorcycle dirt track racing!

Bånn Gass #1, is/was a brand new local event, a brainchild of Morten with good help from C&G, members of The Rivals Scooter Club and NMK Kristiansand.

And what an event this became, this even if new and the fact that it is very hard to organize anything pulling crowds in the Southern of Norway.
Pit`s where filled up with enthusiasts from as far off as Oslo and Stavanger, old old bikes and not so old bikes where ready to race on the gravel track.
Top that with a couple of hundreds of spectators and many many motorcycle riders from all variations of the biker scene. Vintage bikes came, cafe racers, custom bikes and touring bikes, this was enjoyable for the lot.

We, the participants had the best time, friendship and "not too serious racing", wrenching and talking.

Enjoy a selection of pictures below from Bånn Gass #1.