onsdag 2. juli 2014


Matteo in Italy sent me a pic of his bike, a pretty modern HD with a classic touch.
Looking closer at Matteos ride, hey there is an AMcN sticker on the oil tank!
It is cool to see the stickers in use, thumbs up to Matteo!!

tirsdag 1. juli 2014

Lucky me, lucky me!!!

I`m waiting with excitement for a parcel to cross the Atlantic ocean. It is by no means the first package with cool parts for my bikes I have waited for, he he, it have been quite a few the last years.
Still this is special and I look forward to its content.
A Leinweber performance camshaft for my current Harley J build, made in a very limited number.
Aint that cool!!
I have spent quite a bit of my energy with the cutdown project in figuring out how to improve a std J cam. By coincidence I learn Mikey in CA have had the same thoughts. Cool, except from the fact, Mikey got camshaft guru Leinweber to make a real camshaft, its performance was tested during the previous US canonball run.

I am waiting with excitement!!!