tirsdag 1. juli 2014

Lucky me, lucky me!!!

I`m waiting with excitement for a parcel to cross the Atlantic ocean. It is by no means the first package with cool parts for my bikes I have waited for, he he, it have been quite a few the last years.
Still this is special and I look forward to its content.
A Leinweber performance camshaft for my current Harley J build, made in a very limited number.
Aint that cool!!
I have spent quite a bit of my energy with the cutdown project in figuring out how to improve a std J cam. By coincidence I learn Mikey in CA have had the same thoughts. Cool, except from the fact, Mikey got camshaft guru Leinweber to make a real camshaft, its performance was tested during the previous US canonball run.

I am waiting with excitement!!!

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