tirsdag 28. september 2010

Hit by autumn

Well, then there is this long winter with manic work in the workshops to get ready for summer. Summer is way to short, its allready become autumn with leaves beeing colored in yellow and red.
Realised yesterday I hadnt used my 45" bobjob in several weeks. Time to act, fired up the engine and went up the valleys, crisp air close to cold, just a couple of degrees in the positive direction.
Went by a friend who just have got his ol AMF shuvel back to life, didnt take long to convince him getting of for a test ride.
Later the same evening the temperature came below zero degree C, better get prepeared for another winter.

mandag 27. september 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

This is another cool picture from the eastern part of Norway. In front an Excelsior from the late teens. These Scwinn produced twins very some sturdy workhorses who sold quite well in Norway. This bike is equipped with acetylene lights and a hand operated ogah horn mounted on the handlebar.

An Indian Power Plus with sidecar in the back.

torsdag 23. september 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

This farmer is less conserned in dresscode than some previous pictured motorcyclists. His mount is a 1918 or 19 Harley 61"(1000cc). Bike is running a electric headlight powered by a Splitdorf generator mounted in front of the engine. This rather common rebuild is most likely done by the local blacksmith as the lamp is not made by HD. The original gas lamp is still mounted at the rear mudguard.

onsdag 22. september 2010


Oh yes one would easily think. Hitting the road with a engine displacement of 10,4 litre is something.
But wait, this is a 1 cylinder 30Hp petrol engine pushing you to the amazing speed of 21,6 kmh at 6`th gear.
Ever heard of Lanz ELI Buldogg roadgoing tractor?
They are rare as hens theets, I once had one but now I`ve only got its spare spark plug left, its BIG.

Right Harley spark plug, left is BOSCH`s giant sparkplug for 10,4 litre Lantz engine.


I`ve always heard that there was built special 8 valve Harley`s in Sweden way back where they used Rudge 4 valve heads with home turned cylinders.
Hmmm, 8 valve Harley just the tought is a thrill.

Was fortunate at Ekeberg swap meet getting a Rudge 4 valve head to play with.
Didn`t get home until today, have a guess what was my first "to do".

Its just amazing, the Rudge and the Harley IOE from late 24 (JDCA/JDCB) up to 29 J & JD share the exact same dimensions between cylinder / head bolts centers, oh yeah even the same dimensions of bolts.
A plan is getting borned, watch out :-).

søndag 19. september 2010

American Motorcycle Norway

The two brothers, Ragnar & Jon (youngest brother Ragnar behind the handlebars) on their approx 1920 Harley 61" (1000cc). Picture is taken while visiting the small town Eid in Western Norway. E-2182 is an electrically equipped model, lamps made by Harley and horn by Klaxon?

lørdag 18. september 2010

Ekeberg Swap meet

Puuuh!, done with Ekeberg swap meet for this year. Two days filled with action, selling, buying, walking, talking, making new friends and meeting old friends.
Some where there and some where not.
Got rid of all my US made cicle parts, surprise?, and some other junk too.

Great fun as always.

fredag 17. september 2010

American Motorcycle Norway

This cool picture from the Western part of Norway show Jakob Kjellevold with his sidecar equipped Indian 1915 or 16 (its chassis is the early Hedstrom design but a closer look at the engine show its sidevalve. They where in this chassis for only two years?).
There should be no doubt that Jakob is the boss for this team of guys working with the development of the telephone system in rural parts of western Norways. On could say that Jakob have a boss`s attitude (and he have an Indian too).

Jakob with his three brothers as passengers, cool picture.

Bike is running with acetylene lights even on the sidecar. State of the art then.

tirsdag 14. september 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

This guy ride another (what i believe) 1917 Harley 61". the years 1917 to 1919 where the top years ever for Sørensen & Balchen who imported Harleys to Norway, hence there are loads of these still around either in boxes or in some occasions as restored bikes in regular use.
One funny detail, remember Bredo Feiring a couple of posts back? Both the boy in the picture and the passenger have surename Feiring as well as they origin from the same area. I dont know if they had any connection or if this is a cooincidence.

American Motorcycles Norway

Yesterdaze motorcycle girls, I love them. I bet these tomboy motorcycle riding girls back in the early days of motorcycling where tough and didnt care what people said regarding their "unfemale" clothes and behaviour.
Maria is pictured while redy to take of on D-292 wich I believe is a 1917 Harley 61" (1000cc). The headlamp is caracteristic for this early model. Pic is taken in 1918 and most girls didnt use mens pants these days, Maria did tough!

Notice the tire pump clipped onto the front downtube of the frame, those didnt stay on very long hence the bike is pretty new still in this picture.

mandag 13. september 2010

Next generation biker

As is my grandson now share house with me and since I dont have a telly we need to get ourselves engaged by some other activities.
Hey, why not get going with the Super-X, lets tear it apart and have fun.

Its amazing what you can do with a decent cutting plier, and as most old Norwegian bikes this is full of steel wire repairs to be cut loose.

Next generation biker?

lørdag 11. september 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

Came across this quality image showing Bredo Feiring and his late teens/early twenties Harley 61" (1000cc). The oilpump is included in the engine timing cover on these early models Harleys. This was later changed to a cover where the oilpump acted as a separate part.
Bredo and his Harley operated in the Hedmark region.
The Harley is a magneto model whit full acetylene light equipment by Harley Davidson.

Bredo wear a stylish motorcycle riding coat, leather gloves, riding cap and a pair of riding googles. Looking at his riding gear I doubt this guy is the average farmer.

torsdag 9. september 2010

Super X

Got this parcel a while back, NOS inlet rockers for my Super X. I will never get to understand e-bay, noone bidding else than me!!!!!!
Where all other Super X owners on holliday?

I owe Jørgen for tipping me of on those :-)

American Motorcycles

This is a cool photo where there is a lot of joy envolved. Two younger chaps fighting for the pillion pad, owner of this late teens 61" Harley (1000 cc) sure looks cool well dressed as he is, well polished shoes, sweather, tie and riding cap.


Having spent the last week bedside at the hospital with my seriously ill grand daughter at age 7 you realise there is more to life than American made Motorcycles. There is sure time to think when there is nothing you can do what ever skills you have in restoring ol iron, time to think on what is important in life after all and whats not.

Made me remember this old chap at Davenport last year selling off to get a surgery for his seriously ill grand child, realising he could live without his motorbikes.

I don`t have to sell off any, but I sure would have done too if it would make the difference.

Just my thoughts for this post.

torsdag 2. september 2010

American Motorcycles

Father and daughhter on an early Indian Scout?