torsdag 30. august 2012


Recently I came across an advertizing for Speedway races to be held at a local race track.

Whow cool, the thrill of speed is present in Speedway as in no other sport.

Weather showed us its bright side and we decided to ride the W to get there. With two persons on, the ol 45"`s low compression engine struggle up the hills, still we enjoyed the ride.

mandag 27. august 2012

Gone fishing

There ain't many sports getting close to the thrill of motorcycle riding, if any, for me this will be trout fishing. Needless to say, a combination of both sports is unbeatable. Top this by adding a bunch of chanterelles picked along your route and any gourmet will envy your scores.

onsdag 22. august 2012

The devil of speed

As motorcyclists, have we not all off us felt a tendency to worship the devil of speed?

Glenn from US sent me this great hood ornament which he have casted in Pewster by the "lost wax" method.

I love this ornament, the pics are to crappy in their quality to show the details.

Found it quite symbolic to use an old cast iron piston from a stationary engine as a pedestal for this piece of art.

Glenn, thanks a lot.

Lucas rally, dedicated to the prince of darkness

Its great to have plans, still they don`t always go as planned.
We didn`t get to the Injun meet at Leira, neither my Henderson nor me, we didn`t feel fit for the fight.

My De-luxe have a magneto problem, that is now for sure. I can ride out as normal for 30 km`s and then its starts performing badly when ignition is advanced, if I should stop there is no way to get the engine running unless the mag have cooled down.

Got to have the Simms C4 re-magnetized, change condenser and rewind the windings, this means end of season for that girl.

Last weekend my good friend Tor "the Harley nut" came by on one of his early electra twins (the other twin previously presented on this blog), he was heading for the annual Lucas Rally, dedicated to Mr. Lucas well known for his genius electric solutions on British quality motorcycles (better bring a flashlight with you).

Having played with the magnificent front brake system made by AMF for an hour (seems to remember we once did that with the other bike too?) brakes where again fit for fight.
Tor convinced me to come along to Lucas rally and as this was just outside the limit of the Henderson`s Simms mag I decided I would ride the Hen to show all those anglophiles a piece US made quality.

Ok, I might be teasing the anglophiles for their choose of rides, but in their favor there is no other group of motorcycle riders with such a high average of mechanical skills (do they actually need this to keep their bikes going?).

As my Henderson magneto acted very much as a fool when I got there, I did learn a lot on magnetos from several guys there, thanks a lot.

Tor where to stay for the weekend, hence the Harley was parked out of sight, me I puffed slowly back on my four, just in time to reach home before dark.

Inspired of the feedback on the Henderson from Friday me and "Panhead Rune" had another ride there Saturday, more visitors and friends came by during the day, even spotted an Injun that obviously missed the meet at Leira too.

tirsdag 7. august 2012

The three musketeers ride eastwards.

Having had an extreme (to my regular me) low level of activity since being a part of the Linkert Attacks down in Sanncerre, I early last week suddenly realized time was there for this years A-bomber event in Backamo.

By pulling my self together I managed to get done some minor maintenance to the bobber, refilling oil levels and such, no big issues.

Thursday arrived with rain showers of apocalyptic dimensions, time for cheating, threw the WL bobber in the back of my Peugot, heading for Oslo to join the better half of AMcN.
Friday showed up with some great riding weather and even the weather forecasts were pretty good. Having unloaded my ol hog, it`s front wheel was directed towards Rakkestad to meet two more 45" riders, Ronald A. and Ronald H.

The ride from Rakkestad to the meet was oh`so great, winding roads through beautiful landscapes, the fortress in Halden was very scenic, had never seen this before. Riding a road named “the path of blue and green” we hardly noticed when passing the Norwegian border.

Being three of us, all riding HD 45"`s in a time span from 1937 to my 42 WL kept a high spirit.
Ronald A.`s WLD stroker was by far the most powerful motor and the other two of us tried our best to keep up with his pace.

Arrived the campground in sunshine, a great experience in itself based on earlier experiences.
A short summary of the weekend; too few motorbikes (my opinion) still a bunch of eye pleasure, loads of great cars, guys and girls, music and of course the annual hill climb held in Udevalla, where speed is indeed a thrill.
Øyunn again did a god job in capturing most of the scene for the pleasure of those passing by this blog, enjoy.