tirsdag 7. august 2012

The three musketeers ride eastwards.

Having had an extreme (to my regular me) low level of activity since being a part of the Linkert Attacks down in Sanncerre, I early last week suddenly realized time was there for this years A-bomber event in Backamo.

By pulling my self together I managed to get done some minor maintenance to the bobber, refilling oil levels and such, no big issues.

Thursday arrived with rain showers of apocalyptic dimensions, time for cheating, threw the WL bobber in the back of my Peugot, heading for Oslo to join the better half of AMcN.
Friday showed up with some great riding weather and even the weather forecasts were pretty good. Having unloaded my ol hog, it`s front wheel was directed towards Rakkestad to meet two more 45" riders, Ronald A. and Ronald H.

The ride from Rakkestad to the meet was oh`so great, winding roads through beautiful landscapes, the fortress in Halden was very scenic, had never seen this before. Riding a road named “the path of blue and green” we hardly noticed when passing the Norwegian border.

Being three of us, all riding HD 45"`s in a time span from 1937 to my 42 WL kept a high spirit.
Ronald A.`s WLD stroker was by far the most powerful motor and the other two of us tried our best to keep up with his pace.

Arrived the campground in sunshine, a great experience in itself based on earlier experiences.
A short summary of the weekend; too few motorbikes (my opinion) still a bunch of eye pleasure, loads of great cars, guys and girls, music and of course the annual hill climb held in Udevalla, where speed is indeed a thrill.
Øyunn again did a god job in capturing most of the scene for the pleasure of those passing by this blog, enjoy.

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