søndag 27. juni 2010

Touring Telemark / Wings & Wheels 2010

Oh boy what a weekend. Touring trough Telemark, driving 600km - backroads only to get back and forth to Wings & Wheels 2010 run by Lunde Mc club.
Sun, more sun, Rock`n Roll, Motorcycles, AMCAR`s, hotrods and Airplanes.

The Three Musketeers, first gas fill. Allan with Ford A special speedster, my WL bob-job and Rune`s Pan bobber.

Allan sprinting trough the villages, single lanes only.

Rune passing the photographer.

Far behind those mountains peeking at the horison is our goal. Lake Nisser with all its white beaches, what a shame the water is 14 degrees.

The ferryman (ehrr, actually a woman) made us a special trip across lake Nisser, hence we didnt need to wait for the correct hour of departure, cool and thanks for special service.

Having crossed the mountain on our way down hill to Fjågesund at the Bandak lake. No cars, fotostop is no problem.

Bandak at the bottom of the valley.

This is one of the two boats traveling from the coast up the rivers and lakes called Bandak. They need to use a huge number of water locks along the way to get lifted to the final lake`s level with endstop Dalen.


This car is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Oily rag body and modern drive line underneath




tirsdag 22. juni 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

Indian Power Plus

American Motorcycles

This early Harley need to plow its own path on the winter roads ahead.

mandag 21. juni 2010

American Motorcycles

Would say this old Injun with its sidecar is fully loaded!

søndag 20. juni 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

This is what seems to be a 1917-19ìsh Harley with sidecar. Picture must have been taken shortly after bike have been bought as its cellulose paint seem to shine in this photo.

This bike and owner lived in Bergen at the western coast of Norway.

Harley Davidson takes it all

Check out this cool movie from an international motorcycle race held in Indiana USA way back in 1919;


Copy and paste the link into your web browser, oh and remember to select full screen, and NO there is no sound as this is from the age of silent movies. If you need sound, get someone to play the piano in a matter suiting the film, LOAD.

Thanks to "Murder Drome Cycles" for putting this film up.

lørdag 19. juni 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

OK, I cant keep these photos by my self no more.
This is what must have been Norways toughest hotrod cutdown/racing Harley Davidson, ever. This bike is just one thing, mean.
I have found loads of pictures trough the years but hardly any racing pictures and in most races there are mostly just some ordinary bikes beeing slightly modified for the weekends race for later to drive home with headlight back on.

This is different, a Harley Keystone frame where you can easily see the front down tube is modified to lower the centre of gravity. Scissors friction dampner on the front fork suspension to keep the front wheel traction as well as there is added a steering dampner to keep it straight at high speeds.
Oil pump for extra oil to the cranck is on the outside of the fueltank, racing style!
Roadster handlebars, whoever made those did a hell of a job.
I just wish there was a photo from the engines timing side, I want this beast to be a twincam too.

And the rider, slick, he knows he have the best bike and is the best driver.
Even the tie looks as if just beeing ironed.

As is I`m working on getting info on this guy, any help would be apprechiated.

Check out his riding style trough the curve, this guys knows how to handle a curve.

How on earth does he manage to get the cap staying on?

American Motorcycles Norway

Farmer from the Kongsberg area with his ca. 1917 Harley. No lights, no speedo. Saving money, but hey this fella dont have his Harley for posing but for daily transport needs.

fredag 18. juni 2010

American Motorcycles

This is a cool photo with many details.

Early Indian Power Plus with acetylene lightning and skies for winter use. I like the look of that tomboyish lady wearing riding pants, laced shoes, cap and even a tie. What I dont understand is if she can possibly ride along on the bike without any jacket? Brrr, cold it`s winter after all.

American Motorcycles

Two cool fellas and a Harley with sidecar.
This bike have no ligts, for day use only?

torsdag 17. juni 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

This is the fire brigade at Rjukan, a small industrial town in South Norway. Picture is from late twenties, I would say bright red Indians suited the fire brigade well?

Another picture of the fire brigade. As far as I can count from this rather sorry quality picture there are 10 Indians with sidecar in the brigade, cool. Why dont todays fire officers ride Indians?

onsdag 16. juni 2010

American Motorcycles

1926-27 Harley J or JD with family ready to set off. Mum and kid is well tucked into the sidecar.

American Motorcycles Norway

Another early twenties Harley w sidecar from Norwegian lappland.

tirsdag 15. juni 2010

American Motorcycles

Get yourself a Harley, this will make it for you getting chicks . This lucky fella have three girls and of course a Harley Davidson (IOE from around 1919).
Note there is a home made addition added to the rear cyl. to avoid the rider from burning his leg.

This one is even better, four girls, man and machine.

American Motorcycles

Here is one more shot of an early Harley davidson Sport, model W (that didnt go fasst after all). Those where mostly an export bike for the European market introduced in 1919.

mandag 14. juni 2010

American Motorcycles

Here is another cool litle baby Harley. I`m not sure if this is a B or C model, but both would be with sidevalve engines, tough different displacement (350cc & 500cc). I think this is either a 1928 or an early thirties machine as its got the front break but not the dual headlights as it would if it was a 1929 or 30?

In a shed nearby YOU

By coincidence I just learned to know this little baby that was tucked away in 1932 due to a minor technical issue.

I find this as god an evidence than any that they are "still waiting to be found". Hence my advice to you is; you need to listen to any rumors and check these out, you newer know - do you?

søndag 13. juni 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

I just love this photo. Mom, pop, daughter and oh dont forget the Harley need to be a part of the family picture too.

This seems to be a 1915 or 16 Harley.

American Motorcycles Norway

Two more Norwegian motorcycle photos

Harley 1926-27

This bike puzzles me just a bit. Sidecar seems to be Harley made but it could possibly be either a Rogers or National too? Bike looks like a Harley, but then the foot cranck is on the wrong side, there is a low mounted horn at the left and there is a cross bar on thehandle bars. Hmm, any suggestions??

lørdag 12. juni 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

This photo dont show to much of themotorcycle, but I find it cool still. Those people are out for a Sunday ride having a god time.
Sidecar is attached to an Indian Power Plus.

American Motorcycles Norway

Oh my! Have tried to make myself an overview of what pics I have posted and not, a major task as I have got my old photos to spread at the moment on various PC files and mem sticks.
Will there ever be time to get this all sorted?

Here is another cool photo where a Harley owner have added a couple of seats to get all his folks along.

fredag 11. juni 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

This Excelsior is fitted with a ski setup at front for winter use. I think this is a kit made by Ing. Hansen? This ski application where sold to many motorcycle owners in those early years of motorcycling.

torsdag 10. juni 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

Harley with sidecar from Lappland (Finmark),

onsdag 9. juni 2010


1995 - 16.05.2010

søndag 6. juni 2010

Viking Run & Fun 4 / Kala dirt track races, June 2010

Whow, what can I say having finally reached home after this weekends ride. I have joined the Viking Run & Fun for the first time, what an event. 1`st off all those great people, a load of nice bikes and cars both customs, race, rod, bob and chops and finally the Kala race track where the event takes place, its as made for an event like this.

Is there anything like racing? The sound of a motor at full throttle, the smell of oil and gas, the dirt in the air getting at you from the track and then the view off the riders giving all to get those laps finnished at their best time ever, to win! If you ever raced you know as soon as your out there its all about winning and your horns will grow, helmet or not.

When there where no racing action the track speakers gave you the rockabilly music needed and additionally the sun was present all trough the event.

Will try to upload some footage that can give an idea to the one not there what its all about at Kala`s,

Good guys:

Myself, Stig, Ronald, Vegard & Ronald.

Ronald, ready to go but where?

The parking lot area:

The race:

Gomball performing last minute clutch adjustments.

Stig "the candyman" looks like there is only one option, victory!

Ronald gets his helmet on, ready for second race.

Stig Crancking his UL to heat up the engine prior to the race.

WR action, Gomball & Ronald.

Stig takes the lead.

Gomball beating his trusty ol hog out of thecurve at Kala raceway.

Gomball after his final lap,

Gomball & Ronald, looks like "the heat is on".

Well done

And the winner is, Stig the Candyman

(check out his blog; http://beveldrive.blogspot.com )

Cool cars:

Cars lining up for the race.

Cool homebrew race car with blown inline six flathead, ahrgh what a purr this engine made at full throtle on the track.

Myself & Øyvind who won the best Rod award with his beautiful roadster.

Best bike in show, "ehrm" went to AMcN: