søndag 27. juni 2010

Touring Telemark / Wings & Wheels 2010

Oh boy what a weekend. Touring trough Telemark, driving 600km - backroads only to get back and forth to Wings & Wheels 2010 run by Lunde Mc club.
Sun, more sun, Rock`n Roll, Motorcycles, AMCAR`s, hotrods and Airplanes.

The Three Musketeers, first gas fill. Allan with Ford A special speedster, my WL bob-job and Rune`s Pan bobber.

Allan sprinting trough the villages, single lanes only.

Rune passing the photographer.

Far behind those mountains peeking at the horison is our goal. Lake Nisser with all its white beaches, what a shame the water is 14 degrees.

The ferryman (ehrr, actually a woman) made us a special trip across lake Nisser, hence we didnt need to wait for the correct hour of departure, cool and thanks for special service.

Having crossed the mountain on our way down hill to Fjågesund at the Bandak lake. No cars, fotostop is no problem.

Bandak at the bottom of the valley.

This is one of the two boats traveling from the coast up the rivers and lakes called Bandak. They need to use a huge number of water locks along the way to get lifted to the final lake`s level with endstop Dalen.


This car is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Oily rag body and modern drive line underneath




2 kommentarer:

  1. The photos are excellent but the photo of the old Harley up at the edge of the water is great!

  2. Hi Doug, I`ve been so busy lately that I havent even been ble to complete my own comments for the photos, its summer indeed.

    The beach photo have a story to it, I did get so well stuck in that sand that me and my friend pulled and pushed for quite a while to get the ol 45" back on the road again.

    Thanks for your comment, apprechiate it alot.