tirsdag 1. juni 2010

Touring gravel roads

Have always been keen on touring along the narrow backroads that there are loads of in my part of the country. If they are gravel roads I dont mind at all, it just add to the thrill of motorcycling.
Having spent the day painting my house I found it truly relaxing spending a couple of hours on my bob job on some roads I havent driven in several years.

Had a stop in a road junction, did they ever put any paint on that building the last 100 years?

In a previous post I showed cast iron roadsigns, here they once used concrete poles that used to be bright white with coloured lettering, cool but I doubt they meet todays standards regarding crash safety?

It`s all summer now (as pr. 1 of June) and really green. Its hard to get an overview of roads in front when trees cover all curves.

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