søndag 6. juni 2010

Viking Run & Fun 4 / Kala dirt track races, June 2010

Whow, what can I say having finally reached home after this weekends ride. I have joined the Viking Run & Fun for the first time, what an event. 1`st off all those great people, a load of nice bikes and cars both customs, race, rod, bob and chops and finally the Kala race track where the event takes place, its as made for an event like this.

Is there anything like racing? The sound of a motor at full throttle, the smell of oil and gas, the dirt in the air getting at you from the track and then the view off the riders giving all to get those laps finnished at their best time ever, to win! If you ever raced you know as soon as your out there its all about winning and your horns will grow, helmet or not.

When there where no racing action the track speakers gave you the rockabilly music needed and additionally the sun was present all trough the event.

Will try to upload some footage that can give an idea to the one not there what its all about at Kala`s,

Good guys:

Myself, Stig, Ronald, Vegard & Ronald.

Ronald, ready to go but where?

The parking lot area:

The race:

Gomball performing last minute clutch adjustments.

Stig "the candyman" looks like there is only one option, victory!

Ronald gets his helmet on, ready for second race.

Stig Crancking his UL to heat up the engine prior to the race.

WR action, Gomball & Ronald.

Stig takes the lead.

Gomball beating his trusty ol hog out of thecurve at Kala raceway.

Gomball after his final lap,

Gomball & Ronald, looks like "the heat is on".

Well done

And the winner is, Stig the Candyman

(check out his blog; http://beveldrive.blogspot.com )

Cool cars:

Cars lining up for the race.

Cool homebrew race car with blown inline six flathead, ahrgh what a purr this engine made at full throtle on the track.

Myself & Øyvind who won the best Rod award with his beautiful roadster.

Best bike in show, "ehrm" went to AMcN:

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