torsdag 31. desember 2009

Chemical Chopper`s blown Indian Army Scout

This image was posted at the AMCA bord recently, that made me think about Chemical Chopper`s radical piece of Indian art that was in several magazines a few years back.

OK, I didnt take those pictures, but I just love this bike for what it is, Art!
It can be ridden, but what a sculpture, goshh!

tirsdag 29. desember 2009

Aladins cave

Those pics are from a place long gone wich I by a strange coinsidence found when my old BSA stopped at a road junction, this caused by a dead magneto. This old guy came over and said to me; "there aint many guys out on those old bikes no more".
When I told him I wasnt resting for pleasure but lacked spark he replied "we will be able to fix that if you push your bike over to my place".
Check out them fotos from "his place".

There where many rows like this, but this beeing pre digital camera times, I only took those few images.

The "old man" had to use ladders to get to his top shelves.

Here the boss is posing, these bikes and parts where collected trough two generations as running a small motorcycle shop. I dont think there where ever thrown anything.

The word
"labyrint" gets a meaning in here.

Bikes where hanging from the ceiling.

Motors, motors, motors.

Henderson article

Wrote an article on Henderson for the Norwegian vintage motorcycle magazine, "Sidevogna" that they printed in the last issue. As far as I know the "Henderson history" have never been written in my language before?

This is how the "Sidevogna" looks. This is NVMC`s (the Norwegian vintage motorcycle club) magazine, 6 issues a year.

Still waiting to be found!

Here is one of my favorite "still waiting to be rescued" bikes. A 1941 Knuckle imported from Texas in 1951 by a young lad working in the merchant navy.
This bike is all there but suffer from the harsh atmosfere in the barn where it is stored.

Needless to say; Its not for sale!

mandag 28. desember 2009

American Motorcycles Norway

Here are two photos of real old motorcycles, pre 1910. But still, made for riding.

This bike is a mysterious one,
any feedback in what brand would be apprechiated.

This is a real old motorcycle. Think this is a Mitchell or Thomas Auto-bi from around 1905. Its pretty much like a motorized bicycle.

lørdag 26. desember 2009

American Motorcycles Norway

Some more Tobogans. If you feel for some creativity, go make yourself some winter transport engined by one of your spare motorcycle engines.

Manufacturer tags

Have been collecting manufacturers name tags for years, you know those in brass or steel that used to be riveted onto anything mechanical "back then",

This tag came of an old electric hammer that was made by the THOR motorcycle manufacturer who allso made tools. OK, I dont have a Thor but at least this tag came from the factory.

Acording to Stephen Wrights book on American Motorcycles up to 1914 the Curtis motorcycles where made in the same buildings as the Truscott boat engines in the early 1900`s.

When its snowing outside

When the weather is really bad outside with snow and darkness, it feels god beeing in the workshop dreaming about spring to come.

fredag 25. desember 2009

Harley Schebler Carb`s for IOE engines

Those are the most common carbs found on the IOE Harleys. The Schebler HX was standard from 1919 and up, whilst the Schebler De-luxe was optional from the mid twenties. There is a huge difference in performance between a HX and a De-luxe equipped engine.

Schebler De-luxe, DLX 45 and DLX 38
The DLX 45 shown is rebuilt to fit the race styled air horn.

The DLX 38 was the first model introduced, ca. 1925. The DLX 45 where the later, as used on the 1928 JD.
This DLX 45 is attached to a J manifold (or a up to 1924 JD) whilst the DLX 38 is attached to a JD manifold (or a 1924 JDCA or CB).

The HX looks kind of old fashioned when next to the DLX 45.

onsdag 23. desember 2009

Merry Christmas !!

Wish who ever reads this a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New year to come.
Days have started getting longer and its time to bend over your projects if you want to ride them in 2010.

I`m stuck on the platform in the North Sea during the holliday, that is life.

From team
"American Motorcycles Norway"

tirsdag 22. desember 2009


This is one of my fav. historical images. Its found on the www and is for sure taken in the US way back.
Imagine jumping with a pre 1910ìsh bike!

søndag 20. desember 2009

Speed devil

OK, well back from Oscar`s I had gained some inspiration even if there is snow all over. What did I do?
I did something as stupid as turning a stainless pedestal for my Speed-devil (that had been laying on my work bench just far too long), sigh!!!

Trying to get some inspiration

Ok, it`s snowing, not just some.
I feelt like I needed to get out to look for some inspiration and decided that an hours drive in the snow up the valley to visit Oscar would be fine (what else do I have the four wheel drive for?).
Took some shots in his workshop where the Panhead`s rule.

OK, so there are Sportsters there too

Check out Oscar`s blog;

White christmas

OK all you F#""¤%%¤èrs begging for a white christmas, you won!!! But why exaggerating? Just white would be enough.

lørdag 19. desember 2009

Front mudguard trim

Bling bling!

New mudguard trim.

onsdag 16. desember 2009

"Old Indians never ever die 2" movie

Got an e-mail from Jodie Ingram last week who is working with Watermill`s. They have made a Indian motorcycle movie from the 2009 Indian rally in Scotland with more than 400 bikes present. She wanted me to promote her movie found at this link;

Of course I would promote that!

My plan was to go there too, but I had to go offshore instead to earn my money, sigh!

torsdag 10. desember 2009

New kid in town

OK, just discovered a biker club in my very own small little town that I was not aware of.
One of the guys there had just recently bought this cool looking Harley 45" chopper that was built in early eighties.
Look forward to see this on the road

There are really a load of creativity in this bike !

American Motorcycles Norway

Time to get out some more historic photos

Another Power Plus and its proud owner

This is an oddball, a Neracar. This was an interesting machine that I would have loved to own. Made both out of US and UK

Another nice shot of the Neracar

tirsdag 8. desember 2009

Another parcel from Mr. Ebay

Got this cool little thingie for my Henderson, a "Whoopie seat" for my grandson to ride with me (his mother should most likely not know?)

søndag 6. desember 2009

"The Octopussy lamp", or what to do on a rainy day

It`s pissin down with rain, seems to be no end to it.
Felt like in a creative mood this morning, tough not ready to start working with any bike related.
So here is what I did today

Step 1, take your granmas old hairdryer

Step 2, remove the hairdryers internals, such as motor, blower and heating elements

Step 3, install old parts from a lamp and connect this up to the hairdryers switch (you need to keep that one as is)

Step 4, Voila there it is, "The Octopussy lamp", finaly I can read my Enthusiast mags when in bed :-)

tirsdag 1. desember 2009

American Motorcycles Norway

Couple of days ago I got a mail from Hans in Spain with this cool picture from his younger days. This Harley was his everyday ride.
Hans is now beating a -28 JD stroker on the Spanish higways, better watch out!

Early sixties during service

Same guy, almost 50 years later :-)