tirsdag 29. desember 2009

Aladins cave

Those pics are from a place long gone wich I by a strange coinsidence found when my old BSA stopped at a road junction, this caused by a dead magneto. This old guy came over and said to me; "there aint many guys out on those old bikes no more".
When I told him I wasnt resting for pleasure but lacked spark he replied "we will be able to fix that if you push your bike over to my place".
Check out them fotos from "his place".

There where many rows like this, but this beeing pre digital camera times, I only took those few images.

The "old man" had to use ladders to get to his top shelves.

Here the boss is posing, these bikes and parts where collected trough two generations as running a small motorcycle shop. I dont think there where ever thrown anything.

The word
"labyrint" gets a meaning in here.

Bikes where hanging from the ceiling.

Motors, motors, motors.

4 kommentarer:

  1. WOW! What a place to stumble across. How long ago was that?
    I think I see some Indian stuff in there.

  2. What an adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is now 23 years ago and I was driving trough Denmark with my daughter 3 in the sidecar of my 1939 BSA 500CC flathead. I went back there a few years later and the old man had passed. There where 4 relatives that had inherited the lot. I wanted to buy some JD stuff that was there as I was working on a 27 back then. Ws really hard for them to figure out what I should pay but I managed to buy what I wanted. Have been there from time to time later but the whole place soon went in to chaos and I think most of the bikes (yes Injuns too) went to Germany.
    In the end lot was scrapped I think (?) as the property was to valuable to keep for old motorcycle parts.
    Glad you enjoyed the pics.

  4. What a goldmine! Thanks for sharing!