fredag 25. desember 2009

Harley Schebler Carb`s for IOE engines

Those are the most common carbs found on the IOE Harleys. The Schebler HX was standard from 1919 and up, whilst the Schebler De-luxe was optional from the mid twenties. There is a huge difference in performance between a HX and a De-luxe equipped engine.

Schebler De-luxe, DLX 45 and DLX 38
The DLX 45 shown is rebuilt to fit the race styled air horn.

The DLX 38 was the first model introduced, ca. 1925. The DLX 45 where the later, as used on the 1928 JD.
This DLX 45 is attached to a J manifold (or a up to 1924 JD) whilst the DLX 38 is attached to a JD manifold (or a 1924 JDCA or CB).

The HX looks kind of old fashioned when next to the DLX 45.

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