mandag 30. november 2009

"A man got to do" etc.

What can get someone to cross three mountains in winter conditions, snow, wind, ice and general danger of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. 15 hours by car in one day!

Haukelid fjell, still the sun is shining and life is great.

Wind start to increase, this cause the snow to pack in the road. Waiting for the road to be cleared for traffic.

Sauda Mountains, now this is real Rock & roll. Better not stop because then I`m stuck and here the Cellphone dont get nowhere. This road is permanently closed for the winter season from next week.

Ahrghh! This is why! Getting the car filled up with old Harley parts. Barns can be stormed even during winter.

tirsdag 24. november 2009

Indian engined Tobogan

Its winter and roads covered with snow dont allow motorcycle riding. OK, why not lend your old pal Indian`s engine and make yourself a Indian powered tobogan. Then you can enjoy winter with Injun wibes

American Motorcycles

Here is one Harley B (for Baby) 1928 to 1932. These small Harley`s at only 350ccm displacement sold in relatively high numbers in Europe. BA`s had overhead valves and there was also a C model at 500ccm displacement

mandag 23. november 2009

American Motorcycles Norway

Better get started as young to become a safe rider!!

American Motorcycles

Roadside repair !!!
Wonder if they get it all together as a still working 1929-30 DL.

American Motorcycles Norway

You only need one horsepower to get your Harley back home when the engine fails!!!

American Motorcycles Norway

Here is one more of those "baby Indians", the Prince

American Motorcycle

Here is a cool little Indian prince, its owner and a dog (that dont care to much about motorcycles)

lørdag 21. november 2009

American Motorcycles Norway

Overhauling the Excelsior. One guy operating a huge shifter, the second grinding valve seats and the third guy with he lathe is making a stove pipe

American Motorcycles

This is a selection of photos illustrating how the American motorcycle once was relied on as the daily ride for the entire family

Bet they are all proud of the motocycle

Ready to leave

This family sure needed a 74" to bring them around

29-30 model 45" and sidecar, hmm. That little bike have been strugling.

The little girl in theh sidecar have brought here kitten with here, see its face to the right if you look closely

American Motorcycles Norway

Ready to go for a ride

American Motorcycles Norway

It have been said before, "Girls and Motorbikes" makes a god combination

Young girl posing with her doll on pops HD

Taking mom out for her Sunday ride

New bike and white skirt (wouldnt stay white to long if beeing a passenger on a ride)

American Motorcycles Norway

There is no doubt this Pierce owner knows he is "the guy" amoungst his motorist fellas

torsdag 19. november 2009

American Motorcycles

Female Cleveland two stroke rider, or just posing?
Look at the fork angle, this is as god as any chopper.

American Motorcycles

A couple of Excelsiors "Always make god"

onsdag 18. november 2009

American Motorcycles

Injun with sidecar

American Motorcycles

Gathering for a Sunday ride

After church

American Motorcycles

Some more from the old days;
These are a couple of Reading Standards (for Christian :-)), they never got the best reputation for quality even if beeing first with sidevalves as standard on their big twins.

mandag 16. november 2009

American Motorcycles

Here is another Harley sport with its odball engine. This guy sure invested in a large gas headlight!!

søndag 15. november 2009

There used to be a backyard

OK, these are not motorcycle photos but story is those are taken in the backyard of one now passed Harley hero of mine, Henry. His passion for 70 years (yes that long) was his Harley Davidsons and US made motorcycles.
Needless to say his backyard was all cleaned after his passing.
There is to less places where ol cars rest like these did. I find this sight beeing som sort of sad beuty.

fredag 13. november 2009

Harley Clock

Isnt this a cool way to keep track of time? Right side case from a 1917 HD.

I`m allready missing summer

Damned sometimes I feel like living in Spain or California would be the thing when there is wet and snow outside and the next roadtrip is months away.

Santay shifter knobs

More stuf you can live without, but "hey" its nice to live with them too!

American Motorcycles Norway

Later model VL. Nice bike with buddy seat.

torsdag 12. november 2009

American Motorcycles Norway

Here are some cool photos with my -39 W taken during the 1948 season. The observant will se that there are still buildings that are damaged by bombs during WWII.

American Motorcycles Norway

This is an early Thor twin and its proud owner.

onsdag 11. november 2009

American Motorcycles Norway

Some more Harleys from up North above the Polar circle,

American Motorcycles Norway

These photos show the same bike, but there are some 50 + years between.