onsdag 26. september 2018

10 years of "AmericanMotorcyclesNorway" / Veteran-mc.com

I just realized this blog or website or whatever you like have been on the www for more than 10 years. Scary! That is how fast time is passing by, a decade, pfchhht!
I guess the exact date in April this year when I passed the decade mark should have been celebrated, too late now, I forgot and it cant be redone.
As some sort of making good I will post some great pic`s from Yesterdaze, my favorite column during those 10 years.

Thanks for hanging with me, feel free to come by here in the next decade too.

Sverre aka AMcN

Those two young girls are seated on a pretty rare motorcycle, an EMBLEM. Quite a few  of those where sold here, but none have survived as far as I know, only parts. Those Emblem`s where exported to Europe after the factory had stopped their production in the US.

Another pretty rare machine, an Excelsior light-weight with two stroke engine. 

What is more cozy when your on a trip in rural areas, than letting your best friend come along in the sidecar?

Grandma and grand kids in the sidecar tub.

Another Harley IOE with sidecar in the Norwegian countryside. 3000 of those great machines where sold by Sørensen & Balchen to the Norwegian motorcycle riders from 1915 to 1929.

mandag 24. september 2018

"Bånn Gass" 2018

1`st weekend of September there was time for a second Bånn Gass (Full Throtle) weekend, packed with motorcycle fun!!
What a great weekend this was, thanks to all and everyone participating.

Yours truly, start no. 10.