onsdag 16. desember 2015

Pic`s from Yesterdaze

Just to remind myself its winter and snow outside.

The gravel Endurance run in "Sidevogna"

NVMC, the Norwegian Vintage Motorcycle Club`s magazine "Sidevogna" had a cover on the Gravel Endurance run held back in August in their Christmas issue.

I look forward to the extended run of 2016, watch out for a flyer coming soon!

Pre-Christmas party at the AMcN headquarters

A party is good for the cohesion between motorcycle friends, hence I found it due for a Christmas pre party in the AMcN headquarters.
Only the boys this time, and booze, oh and I almost forgot some food, all set for a great evening, which it was until my memory got terminated by Whiskey.

Temporary kitchen dept.

The AMCO Whiskey store.

mandag 7. desember 2015

Auction & Gluhwein / Christmas party at Motorius - Copenhagen

Me and "da-boss" Øyunn regret that we had not been able to attend to either The Castle Run nor the Magic Carpet festival in Denmark this year.
Both events where ruined by my offshore schedule.
A shame, we truly appreciate the company of our Danish friends.
Hence we was so lucky when we found time to go to Copenhagen last weekend to join the Motorius Christmas auction and Gluhwein party held at the Motorius shop.
We drove by car trough Denmark Friday, and after having installed ourselves in a nearby hotel, we walked by Motorius where we found the good guys preparing for Saturday's event.
Friday evening went by all to fast, as did Saturday afternoon and night.
Was really good to be back in Copenhagen, wish to see all soon, 2016 is just around the corner.

søndag 6. desember 2015

Pictures from Yesterdaze

Svein Idar is kind enough to share this great photo with us. It shows Asbjørn Lillehagen on his Harley Davidson model F. Asbjørn lived in the Løten district of Norway, where he in 1920 started a electrical installation firm, no wonder he needed reliable transport to reach his customers in the childhood of electricity in Norway.
Asbjørns son, Svein Idar`s father in law, have told the Harley was ridden with a trailer when used at work. As a child he spent many holiday trips riding this bike tucked in between his father in control and his mother on the pillion pad.
Who knows if this Harley might have survived the people that once had this bike as their pride and joy?

torsdag 3. desember 2015

Cutdown update.

Got to work on the Cutdown project last week. Finally made the last pieces to fit the modified 45" W front brake to the J fork. Those early Harley front brakes have a bunch of parts and they have a floating brake drum cover. Had to modify one NOS from Boon to fit a special nut I made for one of the fork rockers in order to make it all working as supposed to.
Feels good to be done with this, now it is time to start parkerize all the small bits and pieces, the larger ones will be painted after blasting.

Original W at right, modified and new rocker arm nut at left.

The 1/2" pieces removed from the hub centre.

Done, now it all needs some finish.

Rear hub is going to Veteranimporten in Denmark with the 18" rim in order to get spokes made.

Ready for paint, told the painter if anything went missing he had to look for another country to live in.

All of this will look so good when painted!!

It is winter, I better get going with the wrenching.

It is that time of the year again, winter.
This is when your bike is to get all the "little" "this and that" repairs, modifications are to be done, either for fashion or for more practical use.
Problem is, winter is not that long after all, and you are to take the bike all apart, order parts from all over the world and get it all back and ready for early spring!!
Better not rest in front of the telly-tube.

Before I

Before II

Had to make a clutch hub puller.

Lets hope all them parts end up as a complete handlebar, Flanders 8" from FaberCycle, what great parts they make, thanks Ronald for getting me one.

Will I be brave enough to cut them Beck grips in half?

Trying out the Flanders w. Hellings & Stelling risers on the WL.

Engine out.

Gearbox need to be totally dismantled, there are several issues in need of care.

Clutchub puller now modified to pull off gearbox sprocket, and a puller for the shifter drum shaft that is always stuck in the case.

Empty box.

Had to make some more tools to insert a new output shaft seal. That black one is very important in order to save the seal when installing the gear from inside the case.

That tool was a bit tricky to make, in order to be able to lock that new original clutch hub nut. My bike had an ordinary hex nut when I disassembled.

Phew, end of the day, and gearbox is now on its way back to a new life.