torsdag 3. desember 2015

It is winter, I better get going with the wrenching.

It is that time of the year again, winter.
This is when your bike is to get all the "little" "this and that" repairs, modifications are to be done, either for fashion or for more practical use.
Problem is, winter is not that long after all, and you are to take the bike all apart, order parts from all over the world and get it all back and ready for early spring!!
Better not rest in front of the telly-tube.

Before I

Before II

Had to make a clutch hub puller.

Lets hope all them parts end up as a complete handlebar, Flanders 8" from FaberCycle, what great parts they make, thanks Ronald for getting me one.

Will I be brave enough to cut them Beck grips in half?

Trying out the Flanders w. Hellings & Stelling risers on the WL.

Engine out.

Gearbox need to be totally dismantled, there are several issues in need of care.

Clutchub puller now modified to pull off gearbox sprocket, and a puller for the shifter drum shaft that is always stuck in the case.

Empty box.

Had to make some more tools to insert a new output shaft seal. That black one is very important in order to save the seal when installing the gear from inside the case.

That tool was a bit tricky to make, in order to be able to lock that new original clutch hub nut. My bike had an ordinary hex nut when I disassembled.

Phew, end of the day, and gearbox is now on its way back to a new life.

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