mandag 7. desember 2015

Auction & Gluhwein / Christmas party at Motorius - Copenhagen

Me and "da-boss" Øyunn regret that we had not been able to attend to either The Castle Run nor the Magic Carpet festival in Denmark this year.
Both events where ruined by my offshore schedule.
A shame, we truly appreciate the company of our Danish friends.
Hence we was so lucky when we found time to go to Copenhagen last weekend to join the Motorius Christmas auction and Gluhwein party held at the Motorius shop.
We drove by car trough Denmark Friday, and after having installed ourselves in a nearby hotel, we walked by Motorius where we found the good guys preparing for Saturday's event.
Friday evening went by all to fast, as did Saturday afternoon and night.
Was really good to be back in Copenhagen, wish to see all soon, 2016 is just around the corner.

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